Canada censors television viewing of its citizens

mdoneil writes “Yesterday there were several stories in the news about Canada premitting Al-Jazeera satellite signals to be recieved and rebroadcast in Canada. The official announcement from CRTC notes that Al-Jazeera must be recorded and steps taken to keep it free from abusive content.

I always wondered why the History Channel commercials said not available in Canada. It seems odd to me that one must apply to the government to broadcast via satellite, which is of course inherently international in scope, a service for which people are willing to pay.

I could get Al-Jazeera here, I frequent a Persian restaurant that has it as part of its Arab language package – although they seldom watch it.

I’m glad I live in a country where I can decide what I want to watch. The articles yesterday were discussing the apparent hipocrisy of Canada’s censorship of Fox News, broadcast from the freest nation on earth and their recent approval of Al-jazeera broadcast from Qatar a traditional monarchy that got a new Amir in 1995 in a coup when the then Amir was ousted by his father. The Qatari legal system is based on Islamic law, not in the hit parade of free societies.

Why do Canadians tolerate this censorship when the Canadians on this forum get upset when someone wants to remove King and King from a library?”