California law libraries fear budget Bill

Genie sent over This
on A bill before the state\’s Assembly Local Government
Committee this week would force libraries to pick up the tab for
responsibilities that have been handled by county governments for the
past 111 years.

BBusch also posted this on WEB4LIB:
\”San Diego County Public
Law Library fate is in the hands of the state

legislature, to learn more about the issues and answers please listen

Library Director, Charley Dyer, who will be on Tom Fudge\’s show,

Days,\” which airs at 9:00 am on Tuesday, May 7,

on 89.5 FM, KBPS. Mr. Dyer will debate the proposed State AB 2648,

which recommends stopping local County government funding of

and maintenance for the County Law Library program. Mr. Dyer will

debate with Jim Gross, who is the lobbyist for this