Budget Shortfall Places Ohio Libraries In Dangerous Position Yet Again

This morning’s edition of The Star Beacon carries articles in its print edition only discussing the impending budget shortfall in Ohio. Governor Ted Strickland previously attempt to count as expected revenue nearly one billion dollars from the installation of “video slot terminals” at Ohio’s seven horse racetracks. The machine installation plan was halted due to a successful referendum petition that put a vote on whether to proceed with the installation at a point well past the halfway point of the budget biennium.

The articles in The Star Beacon note that right now everything in the state could potentially be cut and that the Governor is even willing to risk draconian financial penalties from the United States Government by slashing education funding to where the “maintenance of effort” requirements in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 are violated. The practical effect of that would be to cut off all federal funds for that particular funding area for an 18 month period. For states not wanting to violate “maintenance of effort” requirements imposed by the stimulus act, the only practical areas left untouched by that act and subject to possible cuts include mental health services, law enforcement & prison operations, libraries, business development, and public parks.

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