Brick & Mortar’s Not Enough Anymore for a Bookstore

In his column in the Palm Beach Post, reporter Ron Wiggins tells about dropping into a used bookstore in North Palm Beach (FL), The Book Rack, and not only finding a couple of treasures to buy, but also finding the owners to be helpful and knowledgeable about books, music and well, lots of other stuff.

When he discovered that the owners, Joanne and Denny Hall, were planning to possibly close the shop, he was not happy. After twelve years, Joanne Hall, in her mid-sixties says, “We’re semi-retiring. The online side of our business is going so well that we figure we can work two to four hours a day and have an income. Whoever buys the store,” she notes, “will have to use the Internet. You can’t stay in business without buying and selling books online.”