Boston Globe Sports Columnist Insults librarians

Rich writes “Boston Globe Sports Columnist Bob Ryan insulted librarians in his October 15, 2007 column about New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady:

“And you can be sure Brady will be seen in public with a homely librarian before he engages in any discussion about the difference between the receivers he was forced to work with last season and the ones he has now.”

Ryan responds to complaints in his blog:

“Let’s just say it’s nice to know that so many librarians, male and female, read the Globe. And maybe two of them can see the forest for the trees. They’re very touchy, these people.”
“I insist that instead of getting all huffy about a very apt reference, all these “offended” librarians should have had a laugh. I cannot believe the lengths some of them went to defend the profession. They apparently think that we think they’re all geeks. I don’t. No one is more committed to the concept of the printed word than I.”

Here’s a response at the Boston Magazine blog:

Also there were letters to the editor: