Books stand up, or books lie down?

Books stand up, or books lie down?
The whole point of this is that I’m trying to convince staff at my branch to shelve books upright (duh) to help prevent wear and tear. We don’t have an “oversize” section for larger books; really big books just get placed flat on their backs on the bottom shelf. Fine. My beef is with the children’s area, where books on the bottom shelves are always placed with the spines facing up.

They argue:
it’s hard on the (older) body to constantly bend down to look for the books if they’re shelved upright
it’s easier to find a book if the title is facing up
I argue:
you have to bend down to reach the book regardless of the size
you have to bend down to read the title on thin books
picture books are nearly as tall as the shelf space so you have to pull the book out anyway to read the title
it looks more uniform if they’re all standing upright