Blogging Outloud: Shifts in Public Voice

sadly, I missed The LITA National Forum last week in San Jose. Danah Boyd gave a keynote address called “Blogging Outloud: Shifts in Public Voice.

She says search companies, bloggers and remixers are going through the same battle that librarians have had for years; being accused of being pirates. She touches on some very interesting topcs, and does a great job tying together blogs, librarianship, search engines and the future.

“Since the bulk of blogs are about people performing their lives, the persistent nature of it is quite valuable for archivists. Yet, sometimes these expressions hurt because “those blog people” are speaking their minds. Personally, i’ll take the uncomfortable-ness with the increased opportunity for speech.”

Be sure to read danah boyd and Michael Gorman slug it out for some good context from the rest of The Conference over