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To Find a Screed to Read

I took Walt's advice.

Something Amiss ...

with this Imus Biznuss.

If interested

Don't Rush to Judgment

"Recognizing that individuals will continue to behave responsibly and appropriately while in the library, the default should be maximum, unrestricted access to the valuable resources of the Internet." (Charles Rust-Tierney, past president ALCU Virginia chapter)

Now I suppose it would still be seen as reckless, perhaps even bigoted to some, to make any inference here with respect to personal agendas and the ACLU. No doubt this is just a blip. Unfortunate coincidence.

Chief Chopped

The University of Illinois has lost its mascot, Chief Illiniwek.(terrific LIS program btw) Any thoughts from students, alums, library types keeping vigilance with First Amendment issues?

Patron Non Grata

J.A. Avner had it right nearly twenty years ago when he wrote, Home schoolers: A forgotten clientele in School Library Journal. They still are.

Bias by Design

If interested. Bias by Design

Angst - Hidden

ALA to fetch some wood

No doubt a knee-jerk, narrow minded control freak. Burn him!

"So, even though I have been waffling on this issue for years, and even though the solution is clunky and imperfect, yes, I think there should be filters on computers in the children's section"

Confessions of a fundamentalist librarian: Negotiating heresies

Mollifying by Modifying

This week's installment of liberal censorship involves a reparative therapy conference.

Any takers here willing, or perhaps able, to discuss reparative therapy titles held in your library? If WorldCat is any indication, it will be a very cozy group.

Vigilant, Vociferous and Vexed

Just a Little Table Setting for our LISNews Censorship Vanguard.

"I strongly disagreed with both the creation and the publication [emphasis mine] of cartoons that were considered blasphemous to devout Muslims around the world because they depicted the Prophet. I thought it was a mistake"......"But do not do something that is blasphemous. And then give them a chance to say they regret, and to learn from you and learn with you. There may be a lot of things about my faith that you do not know."

Corporate Cash for Katrina

No need to look for; The New York Times Company, Soros Fund Management, Berkshire Hathaway or Cher.

You did notice the evil company heading the list?

"Organic" Grapes of Wrath

A little food for thought for the Wal-Mart haters.

Declaration of Independence Banned

Before the turkey, pies and football tomorrow, I gently suggest we Americans pause and consider the following story as we reflect upon the object of our thanksgiving.

The Author Responds to Me

Needless to say I was surprised to see McKenzie Wark's name sitting in my inbox today. Mr. Wark is the author of the book A Hacker Manifesto (Harvard Univ. Press), the subject of my piece Ctrl+X Ctrl+V Marxism.

Mr. Wark's Response

Just one last thing before leaving…

Alex Beam of the Boston Globe has compiled a short list of items our disaffected Liberians should consider before heading north.

Item number 4.

Only in Your OJ in Canada

One can only hope those disaffected Liberians haven’t crammed a few pulp fiction pieces in their JanSport. It seems this popular genre, legal in the United States, is seen as corrupting the morals of our Canadian friends and is expressly prohibited.

    Part V, Section 163 (b) of Canada’s Criminal Code:

    163. (1) Every one commits an offence who

Name that presidential candidate

I found the following while working on a response to a recent story submitted by Daniel. (No fair peeking)

......__________ is worried that America's "credibility as a world leader" is in jeopardy. Why? Because "Haiti's military rulers continue to thumb their noses at the United States." Washington has tried by peaceful means to make them release their illegitimate grip on power, "but nothing has worked--not diplomacy, not tougher sanctions, not a potential naval embargo."

Thieves and Cowards

If I didn't know better, I'd swear the RNC was scripting this nonsense in exchange for
Springsteen tickets and clean underwear.




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