Because I have too much time: MySpace!

Daniel writes “Well, actually I don’t really have time for yet another experimental activity, but I set up a MySpace account anyway. Stop by and check out my links and a little bit more information than I usually give out.

I signed up for three reasons, one of them sound, the others perhaps rationalizations:

  • I have some friends in town who are on MySpace and dialup connections, so I’ve got a better shot at contacting them.
  • There was a session on social networking at last week’s AkLA conference and it was reported that several libraries have MySpace accounts.
  • I’m on the fringe of a group that is exploring non-traditional ways of promoting government information and this is as odd a way as I can find.

I’ve located two Newzters (three if you count me) who are also on MySpace. Are there others?

Will I find balance in my life? Not yet.”