Wooden shoes banned, but guns OK

The Grand Rapids Press reports that Library board members in Holland MI voted allow patrons to carry concealed weapons (and a permit) while at the same time reaffirming its policy to have patrons “remove their wooden shoes when entering the library because the shoes snag the rugs and leave wooden slivers.”

Libraries get CD’s as part of settlement

The Herald Tribune reports that public libraries in Massachusetts will be getting 124,000 music discs – more than 1,900 different titles as part of a lawsuit settlement. Record companies and large music retailers were accused of conspiring to set minimum prices on music.

Mom, this is what a library is!

The Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star reports that children’s librarians from the Central Rappahannock Regional Library visit elementary schools to present “booktalks.” to help ensure that everyone “knows about our locations, hours and free services.” Perhaps another front in the culture war with Google.