Bush to Close Florida State Library, declared February

Another piece on the closing of the Florida State Library. The plan apparently being to fire all the staff and give all the holdings to FSU. The University will not be given additional funding for staff or space to deal with the collection. The Governor has apparently also declared February to be \”Florida Library Appreciation Month.\” More from the Orlando Sentinel.

Women’s Library Opens in London

The new Women\’s Library, once known as the Fawcett Library, is in London\’s East End. The focus of the library is \”the 19th century campaign by women to get the vote and on the fight for equal pay and better health care.\” Originating from the London Society for Women\’s Suffrage, it was first a library in 1926. More from Yahoo!

In Debt? Sell the Library

With Germany in a recession, cities are selling off public services, including libraries. Some clinics have apparently been privatized, but no word on whether the same is happening to the libraries or if they are just being closed. More from the Times.

Library Of Congress To Stage Opera

Pulitzer prize-winner Roger Reynold\’s new opera will premiere at the Library of Congress as part of their bicentennial celebration. The Library\’s famous Bibles, the Gutenberg and the Bible of Mainz are going to be stored in a vault during performance- not because they might go missing, but because the noise of the air conditioners keeping the Bibles in good condition would interfere with the sound of the opera. Story from The Guardian.

Bringing the Library to Baby

If this new program of the Singapore National Library Board(NLB) works out, there could be a big demand for \”Born To Read\” tattoos. The new program provides reading materials for newborns: \”Up to 50,000 newborns at 9 hospitals will each receive a starter kit, containing booklets on nursery rhymes, parenting tips and more.\” The NLB also plans to start offering library cards to three year-olds. Story from Channel News Asia.