Assembly considers fees to use libraries

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Budget woes have caused
lawmakers in Milwaukee, WI to consider allowing libraries to
charge for some services in order to make up for budget

\”Patrons checking out materials at libraries throughout the
state could find themselves paying Blockbuster-type rental fees,
under an Assembly-backed measure that could end a century-old
tradition of free access at public libraries\”…\”I\’m picturing a coin-
op library. It boggles the mind,\” said MacPhail, director of the
Racine Public Library. \”That\’s not why I went to library school.\”

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UK Publisher Plans Giant Research Web Site

From Reuters news that Oxford University Press is building a
huge reference site.

\”Plans to create one of the biggest reference libraries on the
Internet were unveiled in Britain on Wednesday.

Reference work publisher Oxford University Press hopes to publish
1.5 million entries on 20 subjects on a subscription Web site by
2010…Annual fees start at $248.6 for schools and rise to $4,260 for
large libraries. \”

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From the Decatur, IL Tribune, an update on Project
Generation, a program of qualified mentors who teach students
how to use state of the art computers, the Internet, modems,
scanners, and digital cameras at public libraries. The equipment is
supplied through a grant.


Health Is Just a Click Away

Young People Don\’t Just Use the Internet to Download

This story from ABC News says 75%of people 15-24 yrs. old have
used the Internet to search for health information.

The foundation polled 1,209 Americans aged 15 to 24 between
Sept. 24 and Oct. 31. It found three out of four young people who
use the Internet have searched for health and medical information.
In fact, the only activities that more young people reported
paticipating in were e-mailing, school research, and finding news
and entertainment information.\”

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Raise literacy level to achieve citizen empowerment

This just in from Botswana!!….

\”Accepting 300 books donated by Books Abroad, a British
charitable organisation, at the Gaborone National Library last
week, labour and home affairs deputy permanent secretary Lillian
Mpotokwane said the government \”continues to develop libraries
to provide relevant information and resources to facilitate the
development of an educated and informed nation as envisaged in
Vision 2016\”.\”

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Research library top collections include Black press

From Black

\”We asked Bernard Reilly, president of The Center
for Research Libraries, to list his facility\’s 10 most
interesting collections. Here is the list, and his

The list includes The African-American Press
Collection, Khmer Rouge Top Secret Documents,
Civilian Conservation Corps Newspapers, 1934-1942,
The Ethnic Press in the United States and more….

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Bird’s-Eye Views, Made to Order

Those who like GIS and mapping technology will want to read this
story from the New York Times. There is information about
satellite imaging and photography. Lots of links!

After the terrorist attacks \”…Space Imaging had taken the unusual
step of making images of the disaster sites available free on its Web
site, and some competitors had done likewise. \”We had so many
emergency groups calling that we decided to just put it out there so
they could use it as quickly as possible,\” said John Copple, chief
executive at Space Imaging, based in the Denver suburb of Thornton,

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