Ashcroft: No offense to the ALA, but we just don’t care

Mock Turtle writes “Colorado Association of Libraries Intellectual Freedom Committee has produced a brochure on the USA PATRIOT Act, and makes it available for libraries to reproduce and distribute to patrons. You can download the PDF and customize the front panel with your library’s name and address. Get the brochure here.”

“Today on Democracy Now!, Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez interview Mitch Freedman, former ALA president, on the recent brouhaha between Ashcroft and ALA. Here’s the transcript.”

Meanwhile, News That “The USA Patriot Act” is a phrase that Bush administration officials shun when questioned about the new anti-terrorism powers the president is asking lawmakers to give police and prosecutors.

More Choice Ashcroft Quotes:

“No offense to the American Library Association, but we just don’t care.”
That from a speech to police and prosecutors in Memphis, TN yesterday. “The charges of the hysterics,” Ashcroft added, “are revealed for what they are: castles in the air built on misrepresentation, supported by unfounded fear, held aloft by hysteria.” More here“Only terrorists need to fear the USA Patriot Act“, and Here

You can read his last speech Here and I’d assume the lastest will be listed Here Soon.