Arkansas town’s mayor, police chief, librarian called to Iraq

CNN Is Reporting Bradford Arkansas is sending The mayor, police chief and school librarian to Iraq. Mayor Paul Bunn, Chief Josh Chambliss and librarian Nolan Brown, and five other citizens of this farm town have received orders to report to Fort Hood, Texas. There, they will prepare for a tour of duty in Iraq that is expected to put them in Iraq by Christmas.

At the elementary school, Brown was organizing the library ahead of his deployment. He served in Vietnam and has been in the National Guard for 31 years. Now 57, he was hoping to leave the guard at age 60.

“I’ve got stuff scattered from here to there getting ready,” he said. “I want to leave it as if I’m not coming back.”

“The children here, they ask me, ‘Are you going? When are you going?”‘ he said. “They know there’s some turmoil somewhere. I tell them they may not take me because of my age … but it would be unwise not to prepare them.”