Another article on RFID

The Chronicle of Higher Education has an article on the use of RFID tags in libraries around the country, such as the University of Nevada and University of Connecticut. The article is pretty clear about outlining a) what one *could* do with RFID tags and b) what is being done now. Readers can base their fear or lack thereof on either a or b.

UNLV says the only information stored in their tags is bar code information, and also argues that RFID readers are not standardized between companies. Yet Lee Tien from the Electronic Frontier Foundation points out, “A government building could have an RFID reader set up at a doorway. A person could walk in with a library book in a bag and sign in at a security gate. The bar code on an RFID tag could be picked up and connected to an identity.” The article also points out that RFID readers will likely become standardized in the future.