All The Google IPO News You Can Take

If you’re not yet sick of reading about the big Google IPO, here’s a few of the better stories out there. One of the more interesting is This One from the NTimes, which includes the Letter From the Founders that was included with the filing. In short, the NYTimes says Google is doing everything they can to fight the shortcomings of going public.

ITWorld Says the IPO could provide a boost for other technology companies seeking to raise public funds. says the innovative ways in which they will come to market won’t make Google’s stock a good investment.

Other coverage at Contra Costa Times, CNET, Reuters, and, of course, Wired who says Google execs have a profound contempt for Wall Street types.

And finally, From CNN, It may sound strange, but a company in the bluest of blue states may play a big role in helping to return President Bush to office this fall.