Accessible library is ‘best-kept secret’

Charles Davis writes \”Linda Stetson found a bullet while walking from her car to Georgia\’s main library for
the blind and disabled.
Stetson, the library\’s director, wasn\’t surprised. A maintenance worker found a handful of bullets
embedded in the ceiling of the Atlanta building while trying to find the source of a constant water leak.
And in the musty and paint-peeling warehouse
where the Georgia Library for Accessible Services
stores its cassette books, the windows have bullet

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\”God knows what goes on here after dark,\” said
Stetson. In the winter, when it darkens early, \”my
husband calls me and tells me to get out.\”

The library on Murphy Avenue in southwest Atlanta,
next to abandoned warehouses and a web of train
tracks, is a glaring symbol of the state\’s
indifference. It\’s an agency that\’s fallen through the
bureaucratic cracks. \”