A Self-Publishers Tale: The Disadvantages of Amazon’s Advantage Program

Dennis Danziger writes: “I am the world’s worst Jewish businessman. I don’t understand why I’m so bad with money. It can’t be genetic. My brother is a professor of economics. My cousin Leilah, a college dropout, created a company that trades on the NY Stock Exchange. And I am very good at three-point shots.

Not only am I inept at everything money-oriented, but I am unorganized and have no patience for details. So self-publishing my novel, A Short History of a Tall Jew, a dark, romantic comedy set in Los Angeles, was something most of my friends and family warned me against.

I could have hired an on-line self-publishing company to do the work. They’re fast and inexpensive, but I got all snobby and didn’t want a name on my book’s spine that would instantly identify my work as a vanity production.

So I farmed out the cover art, the page lay-out and the web design to a place where skilled craftsman earn a fraction of what they’re actually worth – Cleveland – my wife’s hometown.

And before my website was up, I astonishingly received an order from the Amazon Advantage Program.

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