A Place to Read

In an essay at Inside Higher Ed–A Place to Read,”– Terry Caesar observes: “Lately, however, it’s seemed to me that the place of reading has become harder to establish. The ubiquitous video screens – in our dentist’s offices and our airplanes as well as our homes- represent the problem. Why read when you can look?”

The comments are all interesting, especially this one:

  “I wish I could say that a public library can still be a place to go to read, but in my second job at a library (I’m an adjunct at a community college) I find the place just as noisy as, say, the hallway of a middle school between classes.

And the designated “quiet reading” spots aren’t much better. E.g., when did people think that cellphone conversations weren’t audible? Whatever happened to parents teaching their children that the library is a place to consider others’ needs for quiet?”