A Major Player in the LIS Community–Bernie Margolis…It’s Not Good News

Update on Bernie Margolis on his blog written by his wife Amanda Batey:

“I am devastated to tell you some terrible news. Bernie was diagnosed a few days ago with a dreadful type of blood cancer. We have an appointment at the famed Dana-Farber/ Harvard Cancer Center in Boston soon and anticipate that he will need a bone marrow transplant as well as in-hospital chemotherapy.

A friend in Michigan, Jim Luke, has put together this website so we all can stay in touch. As much as I would like to be available personally I need to focus my attention on Bernie. This is an opportunity to use the world’s new technology in a wonderful application. You can find out how Bernie’s doing and keep up to date by visiting BernieMargolis.com . You may want to bookmark this site. You can also comment, and express your love and support on this site. Bernie says you can argue with him if you are so disposed! See the “Tell Bernie” page/tab on the website. Bernie and I will read them all. You are all part of our larger Bernie-family. You can also register to be notified by email whenever we have news on the site.”