A Book About Blogging — What’s That About?


Salon Cofounder and Blogger Gives His Short-Form Medium the Long-Form Treatment

There may already be a coherent narrative of blogging buried somewhere among the billions of posts out there. But probably not. Fortunately, Salon cofounder Scott Rosenberg has created one with his new book, Say Everything: How Blogging Began, What It’s Becoming, and Why It Matters. For a year and a half, while millions of people cranked away on WordPress, TypePad, and Blogger, Rosenberg researched the roots and ramifications of the phenomenon, including its colorful and cranky practitioners (himself among them). The result is the antithesis of a blog post—tens of thousands of words with nary a link, composed not for pageviews but for posterity. We tracked back with him about the medium’s future and probed his personal blogroll.

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