3 Quirkie Stories on Censorship

Lee Hadden writes: \”Three quirkie stories about censorship come from Annanova.com.

In One Story, a Swedish man was banned from travel to fourteen other
EU countries because he put up a poster in Belgium that was opposed to the
European Union. For expressing his non-politically correct beliefs, he is
banned from travel or transit throughout the rest of the EU, and must stay
home in Sweden from now on. A more modern take on \”The Man Without a
Country,\” or in this case, \”The Man Without a Union.\”

In a second story, a senior wanted her pet rat to be included in her
yearbook photograph. The principal denied the request, and the girl is
suing. This is surprising to me, since my high school yearbook was filled
with pictures of rats. And jerks. And…

Finally, a German tabloid was officially censored by the German
Federal Press Council for calling the English \”Tommy Sods,\” smelling like
\”dead sheep\” and having \”BSE pot bellies.\” The hapless Brits were also
accused of having both stale beer (a deadly insult in Germany!) and stale
brains, after they trounced Germany 5-1 in soccer. I guess the Germans
should either love the Brits or shut up.