No New Year's Eve Special For LISTen

Although it might be sought by some, it must be noted that there is no special episode of LISTen: An Podcast to be released for New Year's Eve let alone New Year's Day. With the new year ringing in so late in the week, we do not want to cannibalize available material for the next regular episode. The next episode will be released according to the normal schedule and should be released on or near 0400 UTC on January 4th.

In the meantime, you can still listen to the most recent episode.

LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #100

Somehow LISTen made it to its 100th episode. This week's episode recaps the zeitgeist while putting forward some radical ideas to improve the life of the profession in 2010. Recommendations of other podcasts to consume alongside LISTen are also given.

It must be noted that the person previously referred to as the head of business and finance with respect to the podcast's production has discontinued their association in regards to that role.

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Not Quite Yet LISTen 100

This week's post is not an episode but rather a service message from the eastern engineer, Gloria Kellat.

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LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #99

This week's episode is a bit odd. The eastern engineer has taken to the microphone in place of the head writer to open and close the episode. A year in review chat with the owner of LISNews, Blake Carver, is presented.

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LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #98

This week's podcast looks forward into the past with a replay of archival audio of President Franklin D. Roosevelt addressing the US Congress after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The dateline for this episode is the 78th anniversary of the event.

Also presented in the podcast was a brief discussion of the late-breaking story of Comcast's attempt to acquire a controlling interest in NBC Universal. There was originally going to be discussion of remarks by Rupert Murdoch concerning why news online should never have been free in the first place. The Comcast-NBC matter took precedence.

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So When Is The Hundredth LISTen Podcast Really Happening?

Although it may seem silly, it is perhaps worth it to note that there is a small bit of fudge in episode numbering of LISTen: An Podcast. By any stretch we are already past one hundred released episodes. The main reason that the numbering does not reflect that is that specials normally are not included in the numbered sequence and are either given date-related titles or simply bear descriptive titles. The one time a special podcast release received episode numbers was when coverage of BlogWorldExpo 2008 was released as three separate episodes in a single week.

With luck we will hit the ninety seventh episode of LISTen: An Podcast soon with the hundredth episode coming in December.

It has been a long run. The podcast has outlasted everybody's nervous initial expectations. How long it may run into the future is a story not yet written, though. -- Read More

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LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #95

This week's episode contains an essay talking about the seemingly innocuous matter of Selectable Output Control and how it fits into a bigger puzzle relative to the Digital Divide.

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Rathole Radio, an example of what we could do for a "music episode" in honor of autumn finals weeks at LIS programs in North America

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Post-Upgrade Audio Module Test

After an upgrade being applied to Drupal's audio module, this is just a test to ensure that nothing became broken along the way.

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