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Implementing a law firm web portal

LLRX writes \"Shaking Up Shook: A Case Study in Implementing LawPort Portal
Janet McKinney provides an in-depth look into the planning and implementation of Shook, Hardy & Bacon\'s firmwide intranet using the legal portal LawPort, which also supports the firm\'s intranet, extranet, and public web site. In the February 1, 2002 issue of \"

Nigerian Law School Libraries Seek Donations

Forwarded by Allen Overland:

Steve Perry, Information Resource Officer for the U.S. Consulate General in Lagos, Nigeria (U.S. State Department) is actively soliciting book donations for the four branches of the Nigerian Law School in Abuja, Kano, Jos and Lagos. We specifically would like donations of reference books, law books, classic books of cases, torts, study manuals and anything else you might find appropriate in building up a legal collection.

Ideally, it would be great if we could obtain four copies of each book for the four branches of the Law School. This way, each Law School would ideally
receive the same books. If you are cleaning out your Law Offices, weeding Law Books from University Libraries or other collections, might I suggest that this would be a perfect way to make a real difference. Nigerian Law
Schools are increasingly interested in American Law and actually turn to American Law (and not British Law) for precedents in a variety of new law cases that are currently being heard around the country. One additional consideration: the Nigerian IT infrastructure is so fragile and so undeveloped that it will be years before the legal profession here will be able to rely on the Internet for any type of legal research. What the Law Schools here need are books and plenty of them.

The Public Diplomacy Offices of the US State Department in Lagos and Abuja will find a grant for shipping these books from the nearest port in the U.S. (probably Baltimore) to Lagos, Nigeria where they will be cleared from
customs here by an accredited representative of one of these Law Schools.

What we need now (besides the actual donations of books, of course) is for one person to temporarily be responsible for collecting these books from potential donors, storing them temporarily, and making sure they are picked
up in a responsible manner by the shipping company before they are finally shipped to Lagos. We thank you so much for whatever efforts you can spare in this important endeavor.

If interested please contact:

Stephen Perry, IRO, Lagos
8300 Lagos Pl.
PAS Lagos
Washington, DC 20521-8300
[email protected]

Tel: 234-1-263-4868

Please visit our Website at:

Lessons in Librarianship

LLRX writes \"Jan Bissett and Margi Heinen reflect on teaching librarians legal research, offering us insights into how they have selected and prepared teaching materials, the sources they have used, and the lessons they have learned. Published in the January 15, 2002 issue of


Review of Legal Portals

LLRX writes \"Weighing the
Benefits of Legal Portals

Cindy Curling reviews the major and minor legal portals, detailing the strengths and weaknesses in their respective services and content.

The changing role of law librarians

The Pittsburg Business Times has a Nice Look at how the law librarian field has changed.

It seems like most of what they say carries over nicely to all areas of librarianship.

\"Computers can do a lot for us, but they can\'t think like we do. There is a certain serendipity when a person sits down with a legal book,\'\' said John DiGilio, a legal and business research librarian at the Downtown law firm of Kirkpatrick & Lockhart L.L.P.\"

Prison Cuts Library Budget - Inmates Learn to Do Things the Old-Fashioned Way

Rich Tucker writes...

State corrections officials are removing typewriters and word processors from prison law libraries, making it necessary for Florida inmates without attorneys to produce their legal briefs the really old-fashioned way. [more...] from The Florida Times Union.

Law library quiet -- for now

Rochester is just down the road from LISNews headquarters, so I thought I\'d post Post This Story on a sad little law library that no one seems to like, yet.

3 months ago The Monroe County Hall opened a law libary and it just doesn\'t get the traffic they had hoped for. There are only actually 15 or so people a day. Don\'t you wish you\'re library was like that sometimes?

Rare Free Offerings from the Behemoth(s)

Free content from legal publishing giants Lexis and Westlaw? It can\'t be
true... ahhh, grasshopper, but it can. Will it last, is the
real question.

Law library for laymen

Here\'s a nifty story on the opening of York County (VA) law library. The library consists of a few computers and some printed materials. The library\'s computerized databases include Virginia Law on Disc; and Federal Law Solution, which has U.S. Code and information on U.S. Supreme Court and Fourth District Court cases. Print materials in the library\'s archives include the Code of Virginia; York County Code; and Michie\'s Jurisprudence, an encyclopedia of legal information for Virginia and West Virginia.

\"The software, in addition to Internet access, should be enough to get people started and answer a lot of questions, County Attorney James Barnett said.\"

Law Librarians Sad on Salaries has A Story from the ALA Meeting on Law Librarian Salaries. As you may have guessed, it is not a glowing report on the state of librarian pay. It\'s not just the pay in law offices, but many firms simply don\'t think the libraries are important.

\"\"We need to get away from the attitude that we are lucky to make what we make,\" says Elizabeth Kenney, the law librarian at the Boston office of Philadelphia-based Dechert


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