Printing Wikipedia Would Take 1 Million Pages, But That's Sort Of The Point

A German-based group called PediaPress is trying to raise enough money to make a print copy of all of Wikipedia. That's right, Wikipedia, the ever-evolving, always-changing, inherently digital encyclopedia of information gathered by contributors all over the world. To say this would be a massive project is an understatement.

One thousand volumes, 1,200 pages each — more than one million pages in all — about 80 meters of shelf space. That's what it would take to make a printed version of Wikipedia. The idea is to let people see just how much information is in the online encyclopedia, says Christoph Kepper and his partners at Pediapress.

Full piece at NPR


The link yields a 404 page, but never mind.

I'm sorry, but really? There aren't more interesting things to waste money and paper on than some absurd set of volumes documenting how Wikipedia looked at some set of points in the past? (Since it should be seriously out of date before they finish printing and binding it.)

I'm not sniping at Wikipedia. I'm sniping at the absurdity of this.

Just checked link and it seems to work. Possible browser/connection issue for poster?

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