Kindle 2: First Hands On

Gizmodo has a Kindle 2 and they are providing a hands on review.

Some of the comments:

Controls are almost exactly the same as Kindle 1, just slightly re-arranged, for the better. You can still page forward from both sides. Although now, with more non-button room on the sides, you can definitely pick it up without turning the page. They nailed the buttons.

Hey, it's downright iPod Touchy.

I'll bet it kicks butt as a cake cutter.


upgrade from the original. I would have liked to have a bigger screen though. Everything else is spot on. I like the text to speech feature, but I've heard the voice is too robotic to listen to novel length books without being annoying. Time to retire my old Kindle.

The hyperlink on the word "review" not going to gizmodo

Link was not done properly. (my fault) Should be fixed now.

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