Keep Calm and Carry On

Libraries and librarians are always dealing with some sort of crisis. I recently saw this and thought that other librarians might appreciate seeing it.

Wikipedia entry for Keep Calm and Carry on

Great variation on Keep Calm and Carry On

Another good variation


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more variations....

Seen outside an Indian restaurant in Toronto:

"Don't Panic"

ah, now we can pretend to know the source for Douglas Adams' famous aphorism.

My library uses this for

My library uses this for internal cheering-up and I know it's supposed to be comforting, but I get creeped out knowing the real history of it. Are our funding problems the equivalent of an actual invasion by Nazis? I'm probably overthinking this...

Hardly. My first thought was

Hardly. My first thought was that this is the precise reason libraries/librarians are viewed as unimportant and easy to cut. Yep. We should totally just stay calm and carry on...

how about this version?

that I just made... hey, it was a spontaneous idea...

Keep Calm

Like this much better.

Love it!

Love the library card version.

There's this version

There's this version bouncing around the genealogy community:

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