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SLA/ALA Conference Blogs?

With June being the month for SLA and ALA Annual Conferences, does anyone have a list of attendees that will be keeping blogs while on the road? I'm attending SLA, and my wife and I will be covering it on our temporary blog at Information publisher InfoToday has a weblog run by the editors of its various publications at What about other SLA weblogs, but also ALA conference blogs?

Took a quarter off

Well, I took a quarter off from LISNews and other non work-related stuff to focus on my business and getting prepared for Summer. It was difficult to stay away, but I really needed that time for other things. I hope to start contributing to authoring and moderating today.

XRM Radio/TV....I'm hooked

I spent the V-Day weekend alone...which was great. My wife and daughter were on a brief vacation. I spent the weekend writing and getting hooked on XRMradio ( and XRM TV on WinAmp 5.0. Alone with the video feed, they have an IRC server than posts the messages over the videos. Very fun. It's been maybe 6-7 years since I spent any time on IRC. If you like music, check out XRMradio's two audio feeds and the video feed.

Still feels good to be back...

After my extended 2 month absence, I am happy to be back. Lots of news out there, and good comments as well. I'm still getting some strange re-login problems on various pages, but they seem to have disappeared today after a good WindowsXP system cleaning.

Also, I've been listening to a lot of Björk lately ( Half MP3s, half MPEG videos. Keeps me typing, so that's a good sign. Check out the Björk video gallery at (QuickTime needed).

I'm back...

Well, I needed to take a few months off from everything extracurricular due to some pressing business projects. Since I'm self-employed, work hours extended to the evenings and weekends. If it's not my daughter or wife that I'm paying attention to, then it's my work. Everything else falls in when time permits. I've read lisnews everyday, just not a chance to comment, moderate or author. But I'm back. And it feels good.

Working on a blog

Well, I've finally caught up, but now I moved onto a new project. I wanted a blog for work and personal, so I figured 'Why go the easy route?'. Instead, I spent part of the weekend installing and configuring drupal ( It's nice, configurable, and I've got the necessary requirements. Its still a work in progress, so its not online yet.

Too busy...

Following the flu during ALL of Thanksgiving week (took care of my sick girls during the first 3 days), I'm finally catching up with my workload so I can get back to reading all my favorite blogs and sites. Missed LISNews, but I did try to scan the headlines everyday. Finished a column, working on another and two additional projects. Trying to prepare for an interview and schedule a vacation. Gotta love the holidays.

Kung Fu Karma (revisited)

Again, not that I care, just a point of reference for the future. It seems that Karma caps at 100, a nice round number.

TV logic from Kung Fu dictates: To know nature is to put oneself in perfect harmony with the universe. Heaven and earth are one. So must we seek a discipline of mind and body within ourselves.

Therefore, be content with your Karma, since it does have a limit.

I shouldn't care about Karma

I shouldn't care...shouldn't care about Karma (even the faq says so), but I rolled over to triple digits sometime last night. Whooo (no hooo). It's been fun posting to LISNews so far, let's hope for more.

On snow and Gallery

Well...the snow is almost gone. 4 inches come and go too quickly, but it was a freak storm.

On a side note, I'm really pleased with Gallery supporting our updated photo website. I've gone from plain HTML to Blogger to plain HTML to Gallery. Fantastic opensource project. Easy to install, but it will probably be more of a bear to configure it with a custom look and feel. ANy experience with Gallery out there?

Offtopic: First snow of the year in Vancouver, WA

We moved to the PacNW to get away from the hot/cold extremes of Philadelphia, and we didn't expect to see much winter snow here either (Vancouver, WA), just rain. Well, the weather people predicted rain, rain, rain today, but the weather turned a little colder. We posted a few pics to our personal website at My daughter can't wait to get out into it before it melts.

Updating website

Well, I spent most of the afternoon tweaking my website. Mainly colors, content, and some image adjustments. I originally used a flash menu because it was fun, but just try to get flash to work properly under linux. Tried, tried, tried.

Least common denominator is best.

Tired of all these IM clients

I really, really like Jabber (open source IM client), but I still have to open the others (AOL, MSN, etc.) when there are incompatibility problems. I still don't get it. Why do these companies not come to an agreement on a standard? Focus on getting subscribers by value-added features. I'm tired of it all. I'm going to delete these other clients and just stick to Jabber until the world determines the best way to implement the whole thing.

RedHat update

RedHat seems to be performing pretty well. Had to do some funky reconfiguration, as the system kept mis-identifying my network card. All's happy now. I just need to get some addtional software to make it complete, although you would be amazed at all the software that comes with the basic install, all open-source. If anyone has an extra PC lying around, it would be worth your time to try out one of the linux flavors. It's a nice change of pace from Windows.

RedHat Linux Install Today

Trying my first install of RedHat on my old desktop today. Verifying the ISO install files now. I've used linux/unix many times, never installed. Cross those fingers.

Sunday Night Research

Taking a time out from research on a Sunday eve (Pete Yorn and Robert Cray setting the pace of searching tonight). Looking up topics for some upcoming writing projects, and still contemplating a book proposal. Why? Who knows, but it sounds like a good idea after this last cup of coffee.

Back from Louisville

Well, it's good to be back to my broadband access. I had limited email on the road, and always across a modem. Slooowww....

Still trying to get re-adjusted. Too many chores, bills, etc. I doubt I'll get back on track before the end of the weekend.

Off to Chicago and Louisville

Okay, so I get all jazzed about LISNews, now I'm off to Chicago and Louisville for a week or so. Part vacation, part family time. It'll be fun, but I dislike being off the net for so long.

Oasis Morning

Deadlines. Deadlines. I could use that 'non-word' pro**astinate, but I'll hold it back. It's not that, just that the topic I have due before the end of the day is huge. I'm up to 4500 words, and growing by the minute. Probably 5500 by the end, with 6-8 images. It may be too big, but that's why the Creator (or whatever you prefer) made editors. Oasis/Massive Attack/Smashing Pumpkins is keeping me sane and typing.

Music to search by....

Sunday afternoons are meant for football (American) and rest. But the other parts of the week are meant to search. Give me a good telnet client, a complex search strategy, and some solid music to search by. Somedays, when Laura and I are searching next to each other, we prefer Groove Salad on Soma FM, othertimes we listen to our collection of MP3s: Oasis, Beth Orton, Cold Play, Roxy Music. Maybe LISNews needs a music to-search-by poll?


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