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Laura vs. unhinged librarians

Michelle Malkin writes on ALA Council members' responses to Laura Bush coming to ALA.

SHUSH gets a mention. Neato

Library Web TV

I think I'm going to have to start that blog just to keep track of what I'm doing. I bought the Vegas Movie Studio software about a month ago and played with it. Today I sat down and finished the test run I had started. Then I set it up on YouTube, and then from there actually embedded it into a webpage. I didn't even need a video camera. This seriously, seriously blows the mind.

Edit: The video itself is ugly btw, fair warning. Function first, form later.

re: First Lady at ALA

The Council speaks.

First Lady At ALA

From Shush:

First Lady Laura Bush will be the keynote speaker at the American Association of School Librarians' program School Libraries Work: Rebuilding for Learning a National Town Hall Meeting, Monday June 26th at 2pm. I'm getting conflicting info on time. The site says 2pm but I have a source for 12:30pm. I'm trying to get confirmation. Either way - Woohoo!!

waterless urinals

Didn't see this coming did you?

I was reading an article and did a doubletake at this: "The futuristic new Seattle Public Library, where I'm writing this, has environmentally sensitive "waterfree" urinals and they reek." Here's a picture.

Apparently in an effort at water conservation the military has been experimenting with them, they even have a fact sheet dealing with problems found.

I found several articles here, here, and here about their growing popularity but only one that really addressed the smell issue.

I guess you'd have to use one to make up your own mind about odor but if you pay a water bill there is a significant advantage.

Library TV: June 2006

June's Library Lowdown is up on the web, last one until September. I highly recommend the Shoptalk segment on Will Eisner and graphic novels!

I purchased Sony's Vegas Movie Studio + DVD Platinum Edition (or at least the library did). I'll be looking at cameras in the fall and start exploring what we can create in-house.

Best American Novel

     PowerLine has setup a poll on their news site (scroll down on the right but
you may want to hit stop on the annoying video player above on the right before you do). They've also been
blogging about it here,
here, and here.

     I haven't read a lot of American lit so I went with the standard To Kill A
Mockingbird. Huck Finn is so seeped into culture I feel like I know it even though I haven't read it.


CD lamps, here and here.

Kinda makes me think of the old Coke can lamps or Coke bottle sand art projects.

100 Dagwoods

I'm looking for 100 people to create a network of Dagwood bloggers. You can be whatever you want: professionals, activists, artists, journalists, business people, politicians, doctors, educators, academics or even whatever culture you want, Chinese, Pigmy, Nebraskan, Episcopalian, you name it. The Dagwood sandwich needs a strong voice on the internet and blogs are the perfect platform to carry that voice into the future.

Make mine with horseradish!

Unplug New Regs

National Review's editorial on Net Neutrality:

"After a Supreme Court ruling cleared the way, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decided last year to deregulate the broadband market, giving telecommunications companies the (still theoretical) freedom to charge Internet companies different rates for different levels of network service. Now, a coalition of companies, ideologues, and interest groups - including Amazon, Google,, and the National Religious Broadcasters - is urging Congress to re-regulate the telecoms. Their pleas should be rejected. Government intervention at this stage runs too high a risk of stifling both competition in the provision of broadband and innovation in the delivery of new Internet services."

My email to them:

"I pay a substantial fee for broadband access. If internet providers can charge
companies for internet 'special delivery' then: 1. I'm getting less service for
what I am already paying for if I want to go to a site that doesn't pay the
extra fees and 2. companies that go with the extra fees will automatically pass
on the cost to consumers who buy their product, so I'm paying more for a product
so that a company can offer interference-free access to their site, something
I've already been paying for.

How does this benefit me?"

Reading: Men vs. Women

From By The Numbers:

"When Lisa Jardine and Annie Watkins asked hundreds of British female academics, teachers, writers, publishers and literature students what book had changed their lives, many respondents wondered whether there would be a male version of the survey as well. Jardine and Watkins complied: The results were fascinating in their own right, and more intriguing when juxtaposed with the findings for women. Not only did men and women find different books to be meaningful, but they approached reading in divergent ways."

(fyi- I tried submitting this just as a story but every time I did it and hit preview I'd just get a blank grey screen witht he regular menus on the side)

May 8-13 Days

I declare Monday May 8th to be a WorkDay. Good honest people who have bills to pay will rise up and go to work and make honest effort at improving their own lives.

I declare May 9th to be a Day of Work. Good honest people who have bills to pay will rise up and go to work and make an honest effort at improving their own lives.

I declare May 10th to be Makin' A Living Day. Good honest people who have bills to pay will rise up and go to work and make an honest effort at improving their own lives.

I declare May 11th to be I Have A Job Day. Good honest people who have bills to pay will rise up and go to work and make an honest effort at improving their own lives.

I declare May 12th to be Pay Day. Good honest people who have bills to pay will rise up and go to work and make an honest effort at improving their own lives and many will receive a check representing money on that day to paid said bills.

I declare May 13th to be Pie Day. Some good honest people who have bills to pay will rise up and go to work and make an honest effort at improving their own lives. Some good honest people will have that day off. Everybody should have a slice of their favorite pie in honor of that humble dessert.

I like pie.

OSU librarian faced book banners before

Walter Skold at WND:
"The Ohio State University librarian formally accused of "sexual harassment" for recommending freshmen be required to read WND Managing Editor David Kupelian's controversial best seller "The Marketing of Evil," says his ordeal was not the first time he's been accused of discrimination by homosexual faculty members.

Scott Savage of OSU's Mansfield campus confirmed to WorldNetDaily that when he served at Lakeland Community College in Ohio the school's Diversity Committee accused him and other librarians in 2004 of creating a "hostile environment" because they allowed display of the book "A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality," by Joseph Nicolosi."

total election results

From Elizabeth Dreazen on ALACOUN:

Item #1: Bylaw Amendment to Revise the Dues Structure and Implement a
Dues Increase

YES 7,876 Adopted
NO 6,220

Item #2: Bylaw Amendment to Reflect the Electronic Accessibility of
the ALA Handbook of Organization

YES 13,398 Adopted
NO 387

Item #3: Bylaw Amendment to Increase Round Table Representation on

YES 9,745 Adopted
NO 3,646

Item #4: Bylaw Amendment to Modify the Quorum Requirement for
Affirmative Votes in Non-Face-to-Face Meetings

YES 12,302 Adopted
NO 1,162


William Crowe 4,702
Loriene Roy 8,898 Elected

Total Number of Ballots Cast - 14,441

33 to be elected for 2006-2009
Rosie Albritton, 3454 Elected
Michelle Baildon, 3089
Cassandra Barnett, 3554 Elected
David Barton, 3015
Cheryl Bernero, 2881
Herbert Biblo, 2964
Arlene Bielefield, 2928
Elizabeth (Beth) E. Bingham, 3548 Elected
Carolyn Brodie, 4086 Elected
Frank Bruno, 2764
LuAnn Cogliser, 3059
Tiffani Conner, 3065
Kate Corby, 3519 Elected
Trevor A. Dawes 3014
Bob Diaz, 3661 Elected
Aaron W. Dobbs, 2901
Heidi Dolamore, 3687 Elected
David Easterbrook, 3823 Elected
Eva Efron, 3101
Norman J. Eriksen, 2508
Ann Ewbank 3274, Elected
Amy Gonzalez Ferguson, 3771 Elected
Charles Forrest, 3063
Nancy Fredericks, 3600 Elected
Arthur L. Friedman, 3058
Carolyn Lowe Garnes, 2914
Carolyn Giambra, 3524 Elected
Michael Golrick, 3569 Elected
Michael Gutierrez, 3425 Elected
Shelby Harken, 2948
Rochelle Hartman, 3560 Elected
Avril N. Haughton, 2920
Beth Hill, 3287 Elected
Samantha Schmehl Hines, 3205
Dora T. Ho, 4769 Elected
Patricia Hogan, 3655 Elected
Robert Hubsher, 2599
Carol Ritzen Kem, 2640
M. Michele Brown Kriske, 2521
Dennis LeLoup 3371, Elected
Gregory McClay, 2034
Virginia (Ginny) B. Moore, 4739 Elected
Dorothy Morgan, 2908
Andrea M. Morrison, 3216 Elected
Ria Newhouse 3459, Elected
M. A. (Peg) Oettinger, 3160
Sandra Olson, 3014
Nancy C. Pack, 3228 Elected
William Paullin, 2808
Barbara Pickell, 2945
Jo Ann Pinder, 3545 Elected
Dale Poulter, 2628
Brenda Pruitt-Annisette, 3195
Ann Campion Riley, 3081
Ellen Riordan, 4428 Elected
Donald Roalkvam, 2539
Larry Romans, 3618 Elected
Frances Roscello, 3305 Elected
Mark Rosenzweig, 3506 Elected
Gail Schlachter, 3839 Elected
Jane Sessa, 2299
Barbara Silverman, 3318 Elected
Clara L. Sitter, 2988
Felicia Smith, 2855
Sally Decker Smith, 3117
Tammy Sugarman, 2907
Margie Thomas, 3721 Elected
Patricia Wand, 3122
Shixing Wen, 3413 Elected
Lainey Westbrooks, 2278
Nancy P. Zimmerman, 4757 Elected

Library TV: May 2006

A new episode of Library Lowdown is up.

I keep calling it 'episode' which sounds silly, 'edition' seems inappropriate.

I was talking with the access channel people on Tuesday about cameras and software. I'm exploring options of doing stuff like this on the cheap. Smaller scale of course but more focused. Clips of programs and programming, historical information, resource instruction... I'm not 100% convinced its practical but the possibilities are there.

Must See TV: Jesse Stone

If you're a fan of either author Robert Parker or actor Tom Selleck (or both!) then make sure you watch Death in Paradise Sunday night at 9pm on CBS. Its the third movie based on Parker's Jesse Stone novels. You can get a complete list of titles here. The first tv movie is available on DVD: Stone Cold.

More NetTV

Michelle Malkin launches an internet video network station, HotAir. Politics aside, her examples and conclusions about the evolution of media are very interesting.

Librarians to sever ties with scouts?

Story at World Net Daily by Walter Skold: "A renewed effort by several members of the American Library Association's governing council would sever all ties with the Boy Scouts of America until the youth organization stops "discriminating" against avowed atheists and homosexuals.

In 1998, the governing council of the ALA, the world's largest library organization, condemned the Boy Scouts over its policies, but a WorldNetDaily investigation reveals activists quietly are planning to take action at the association's annual convention in June.

Blogger Round Table!

Michael Golrick has a fine idea!

Let him know what you think!

re: Library TV

The April edition is done and this time I fixed the stream problem.

I'm so used to just cropping things like images, music, even video, that I did the same thing to my MPEG4 clip that I had saved for streaming. But streaming seems to be a process and you have to save each clip as streaming to go through the process. I'm guessing but that's been my experience so far. Anyway, problem solved.

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