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Thomas J. Hennen Jr. writes:
Those of us in Catholic grade schools of the 1950\'s know the terror that nuns induced with: \"That, young man, will be on your PERMANENT RECORD!\" Sister would record it and send it to the \"permanent record place\" at the parish, then it would go to the archdiosese and then, perhaps, ever and anon, to Vatican City by diplomatic pouch. :-)

Is that COLD terror or what? Makes you think about privacy, no?

The report, released April 10 is, according to their press release, the most comprehensive online privacy research effort to date, covers 30,000 Web site privacy policies over nine months and across all domains. rates the sites\' policies from 0 to 4 stars, based a site\'s privacy policy regarding release of personally identifiable information.
My fascination with a rating system should surprise no one familiar with the HAPLR ratings :-) See HAPLR at: See enonymous at:

The enonymous web site lets you download a great little tool. It gives you the ability to evaluate a site that you visit \"on the fly.\" Download the add-on, then go to a site; the tool will rate the site for privacy - from 1 to 4 stars, depending on how free and easy the site is with the cookies it sends you or the registration data it requests. The program also gives you other demographic data on age and gender.

And speaking of PRIVACY, today\'s technology cover story on titled \"The Twilight of the Cryptogeeks\" notes that \"Librarians everywhere\" were given an EFF Pioneer award. Karen Schneider, you are REALLY getting famous! (Not to mention ubiquitous). The article covers the Computers, Freedom and PRIVACY conference in Toronto where Karen accepted the award. See the story at:

Now here is an interesting fact: did you know that, according to enonymous, the American Library Association has NO Privacy Policy? That makes me a bit sad, doncha know? We get this award for \"librarians everywhere\" for dedication to the first amendment, yet our association has NO privacy policy? How can that be?

Did anyone reading this ever answer a reference question at home? Was that question about legal or medical issues that could cause you trouble if linked to you personally? Well sure, you say, but, it\'s not on my PERMANENT RECORD, now, is it? Does THAT answer give you a COLD feeling, or what?

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