The Fireman


"The Fireman" by Ray Bradbury was featured in Galaxy Magazine in 1951. This 60 page novella went on to become Fahrenheit 451. You can see the first page of "The Fireman" here.

Getting a copy of "The Fireman" used to be more difficult. You could buy a copy of the 1951 Galaxy Magazine online. This often cost more than a $100. There was a paperback science fiction anthology that was printed in the 80's that contained the story and cost $30-$40 to get a used copy.

The Fireman has now been reprinted and is in the collection - A Pleasure to Burn: Fahrenheit 451 Stories

If your library features Fahrenheit 451 as part of Banned Book Week (September 30?October 6, 2012) you might want to add a copy of "Pleasure to Burn" to your display.

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