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Provo, UT, City Library Goes Wireless

Thanks to Gary Price for This One.
The Provo City Library hard-line and wireless network connections offer patrons a chance to bring their own devices -- laptops and hand-held computers -- and access the Internet for the price of a library card. The new technology was installed in collaboration with the Orem-based company NLE earlier this month in the adult section on the second floor. Next week, the wireless service will be available on the library's first floor.
Such technology is a first for Utah County libraries, said Gery Gagnon, the library's IT manager, and something that Provo's library needed.

LibWireless unavailable

Bill Drew writes "The LibWireless Discussion List is currently "broken" because of the SoBigvirus messages overwhelming the Lyris list serv it runs on. It is runoffoff a machine in Buffalo, NY maintained by a division of SUNY. There areover 40 lists from it and it just ground to a halt. That was on top of thepower failure last week. I do not know when it will be back online.Wireless Librarian: http://people.morrisville.edu/~drewwe/wireless/"


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