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Newspaper editor as blogger: Lesson for top librarians

David H. Rothman writes "When the Greensboro News & Record ran a popular bus driver's obit on the front page of the final edition, it accidentally omitted the continuation on an inside page. In the past there would have been just a rerun of the story and a formulaic explanation. You'd never have seen a personal note from Editor John Robinson appearing the same day in a blog.

OK, now here's the library angle. Does anyone know of top librarians of big-city libraries doing their own blogs? Perhaps explaining new services or problems with the old? Or sharing enthusiasm for certain authors? Must everything be library-impersonal? More at TeleRead."


Iowa Librarians are also Calendar Girls

Librarian Paula James got her inspiration from the movie "Calendar Girls" in which some elderly women posed nude to raise money for a woman whose husband had died. Although the movie was hilarious, James knew her fellow librarians wouldn't go the nude route. But they were determined to give the public a vision of librarians without their trademark glasses hanging off their noses or their "stuffy looks".

Now the librarians of Iowa's Dallas County have put it all together and plan to sell the calendar to make money...for their libraries. Their first printing was a scant 300 copies; Paula James figured "we could (always)sell them to family members." Here's the story, but sorry, no pics were available.


You Gotta Have Friends, Especially Now

You can get a hint of the nature of their operation from the name of their business -- "The Friendly Bookstore." The bookstore operated by the FOL in Rogers Arkansas cares about the library and the community: Northwest Arkansas News.


Cape Cod FOL Group Celebrates...The Turnip

Friends of the Library groups are always having to think of new and different ways to raise money for their library. Here in Eastham (MA) on Cape Cod, it's the second annual Turnip Festival. Eastham is in love - with the turnip.

Sure, it may sound unconventional, a town falling in love with a root vegetable, but then how could they resist? A veggie that can be eaten, dressed and used as a bowling ball is just too good to be true. Turnip enthusiasts are encouraged to join in the festivities this Saturday which include a cook-off, a turnip trot, turnip bowling and the crowning of Mr. Turnip.

Dig this story at Town On Line.


Read books, get oral sex?

infodiva writes "Reuters reports on a reading campaign advertised on NYC buses that weren't evaluated by any "street smart" factcheckers.

The originators of the "Read Books, Get Brain" campaign, a clothing company, meant for the slogan to get attention.

The full story is available at:
Read a Book, Get Oral Sex?"


Libraries - Innovative ways of Marketing to 21st Century Teens Natiowide sent over one from The Arizona Republic that says libraries are changing, and Arizona is leading a national trend to create the kinds of interactive, noise-friendly spaces that Generation Y wants.

"At first, they said, " 'You go to the library? Wow, you must be bored or something.' " But their attitudes changed when they realized they could eat and drink and watch movies there, said Gomez, 15.


Marketing Medical Libraries - being Helpful & Innovative

Thanks to for an Article on The reinvented library at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center. The reinvented library, part of the hospital's recent $91 million expansion, is open to the public, encouraging patients or family members or anyone else not only to check e-mail, but to scour an array of books and online sites for information about anything from chemotherapy to colitis.


Waiting for Jury Duty? - Visit the Library writes "

  A new program in Macomb County Circuit Court gives prospective jurors something to read while they wait, with help from the Mount Clemens Public Library.

County Clerk Carmella Sabaugh and library Director Donald Worrell launched a program this month that makes books and magazines from the countywide library system available in the jury room, where residents await possible selection to a jury.


Librarians dress nasty? But not sexy?

Jeanie Straub writes "A fashion cover story quotes a source as describing the lastest look as being 'kind of like the nasty-librarian look, with the bow blouses tied at the neck and pencil skirts that hit right below the knee, but it's all done in a feminine, sexy way.' As if librarians are nasty-nasty and not nasty in the positive sense. If the fashion editor had scoured the Denver metro area she would have found librarians displaying greater style and taste than any journalist. (But at least we're not forever tied to donut shops.) More from Rocky Mountain News. "


National Library Card-Sign Up Month sends these "two press releases from ALA and PLA about Library Card Sign-up Month - a time when the American Library Association and libraries across the country remind parents that a library card is the most important school supply of all. Rochelle is adding this syndicated column--a twenty-things-you-can-do-with-a-library-card piece. Not sure it's reflective of what all libraries do, but interesting.


Wash & MN Libraries - Adults Earn Prizes to Encourage Reading writes Adults Earn Prizes to Encourage Reading

For years children have had summer programs encouraging them to read. This summer the Dakota County Libraries asked why should children get all the fun?

“We’ve always had the children’s reading program so we thought it would be fun to pick up this program and do something to recognize our adult readers,� said Jane George a librarian at Eagan’s Wescott Library. “The main idea is to encourage more people to read.�

The libraries began their Gold Card adult reading club in late July. Adult library patrons, age 18 and older, can pick up a reading log at any Dakota County library information desk and then read 50 books of 50 or more pages in length or listen to 50 audio books 50 minutes or longer.

Every successful patron will receive a gold library card to mark their achievement, as well as several other prizes.

The program is a version of one run by the King County Library System in Washington, George said. Dakota County library officials heard about the program at a conference and decided to give it a try here, she said.

Daniel adds: I guess anything is worth a try to boost reading, but what has happened to reading being its own reward? Reading as a window out into the world, or in to our own imaginations?


PA B&Bs Will Cook For the Local Library

In little Mount Joy Pennsylvania, the Milanof-Schock
Library's budget has been cut, and local bed & breakfasts in town are planning a fund-raising feast--"cook for the books." Each B&B (though only one, the Belsnickel Bed and Breakfast, is mentioned) will cook a signature dish and souvenir cookbooks will be sold. Nice story here.


A Librarian At Every Table [Community Outreach and Activism]

kctipton writes "I found 'A Librarian at Every Table' today while doing a little editing at It's an interesting concept (meaning, I've never seen it done): librarians as local community builders and activists. It's a site by Kathleen de la Peña McCook who got her Ph.D. from UW-Madison. She's apparently given ALA (and other) presentations, so some of you may have heard her speak.

I'd love to hear from those of you who have done this sort of thing or have seen it done. Sure librarians can occasionally organize and get the attention of the national press... but what else?"


Stump The Librarian

Anonymous Patron writes "here's a neat idea The Deer Park Public Library is presenting a unique challenge to its patrons. Throughout National Library Week, April 18–24, Deer Park Reference Librarians will challenge the community to "Stump the Librarian," by defying library-goers to present a question they don’t think they could answer!"


Marketing your library - from the year 2000 and beyond

Kym Corfield broaches the topic of why marketing your library has become a necessity in this day and age. Although the paper is two years old (presented at the end 2001 at the 11th National Library Technician's Conference in Hobart, Australia), Kym's rundown of how she became involved in marketing her library makes interesting reading.



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