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Google is now including Book Excerpts writes "Now Google is including excerpts from Books in it's
Natural Relevancy SERPs... This is slightly different from Amazon's full-page results...

Incidentally, Amazon with it's "server-side-scripting" has been having it's listings in virtally all competative Google Results

This is the latest in a number of esoteric additions to Google search, now the
option of tracking Federal Express and United Parcel Service packages is being offered on it's Web site, more at"

Librarians, enemies of freedom? Now that's hysterical

An Anonymous Patron submitted "
Librarians, enemies of freedom? Now that's hysterical, a Times-Picayune column by Brent Hightower.

He suggests Mr. Ashcroft and the country would be best served by not wasting time rattling off blanket insults to the members of our profession. By scapegoating public libraries as domestic targets in the war on terror, we are wasting law enforcement resources on libraries simply because they are easy targets.

In other stories, the law is already being used for Other Things, while This One says the scare tactics mislead public on Patriot Act's mission.

Librarian MP3 - "Robotic Librarian"

Troy Johnson writes "At run a search for "Robotic Librarian" by La-D-Da. Very fun song if you are a librarian."

Bonfire of the Dust Jackets

Should libraries keep dust jackets, or commit them to the flames? Many hardcover
books come wrapped in protective covers that include not just cover art, but also
information about the author and the book (such as the author's biography and
picture with review quotes), and other material not found elsewhere. Some libraries
shelve their books fully intact, but many others (mostly ivory tower types) have
a tradition of disdain for book covers. Read on for a summary of the pros and
cons of hanging on to jackets, and what libraries can do with them.

The Experiment

It is noon of a summer Sunday and I have gone to San Jose to visit the future at its source. At the corner of two main streets the state university and the town have undertaken an experiment: they have mated two animals to create a third. The making of hybrids is always a gamble, as any rose fancier knows; quite a few are beautiful, others simply useless, but risk has never stopped the breeders, and we have gardens of beauty to thank for their efforts.

The town and the state college now have the same library. This is a new idea, and certainly a novel one upon which to expend considerable millions of dollars. The Martin Luther King library will function as the main library for San Jose State University and for the City of San Jose, opening very soon to these mixed constituencies.

US Government decries governmental censorship

madcow writes "The State department wants information to be free according to this article at ABC. "The State Department announced plans Tuesday to step up a campaign to combat efforts by foreign governments to restrict use of the Internet. At a news conference, Josette Shiner, a top State Department trade expert, called the Internet "the greatest purveyor of news and information in history" but said too often the flow is blocked by government censors.

Shiner announced the formation of a task force that will consider, among other issues, the foreign policy aspects of Internet freedom, including the use of technology to restrict access to political content. (...) Under Secretary of State Paula Dobriansky said a U.S. team was en route to China on Monday to discuss the issue with Chinese authorities. "
Looks like John Battelle is getting his wish...."


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