If you had a paperback-sized device that allowed you watch any movie or show on demand, anywhere, for free, would you still read books?

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Filipino Librarian Plays on "Deal or No Deal"

<a href=""><img src=""></a> Watch the video promoting the Philippine version of the show <a href="">here</a>.

Quiet Please the TV Show?

Scott Douglas blogs about his brief attempts to sell "Quiet, Please" to Hollywood, and posts the first episode to a TV Pilot based on the book: <A HREF=""></A>.

An Unlikely Place to View the Inauguration: The Nixon Library

From L.A. Times Blogs:

The lifelong Republican from the city of Orange, after all, cast her first Democratic vote in November for Obama. Candice Katayama and her former boss went to an unlikely place, the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace in Yorba Linda, joining about two dozen employees and schoolchildren who applauded as they sat in rows of chairs watching the ceremony on a large TV mounted outside an exhibit on inaugurations throughout history. "It's a little weird," Katayama admits. "But I came to this evolution that this country isn't about labels anymore. It's about hope."

One More Time...(or more?)...for Flynn Carsen, the Librarian

Entertainment Weekly:In the third made-for-cable caper, The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice (premieres Dec. 7., 8 p.m. TNT), overworked and unlucky-in-love Flynn travels to New Orleans for vacation, but ends up having to stop big bads who want to find and use the chalice to resurrect Prince Vlad Dracul and raise an army of vampires. (He must also make time to mack on the sexy chanteuse, played by Feast of Love's Stana Katic, who guards the cup. That, he does not mind.) Here's more coverage on the series from Variety.

Though the movie's original tagline -- "The world's most unlikely hero is back for his final adventure" -- was enough to break my colleague Alynda Wheat's heart, Wyle assures us that Flynn will live to outwit, outsmart, and outspit-take another day, if fans want him to.

Do you want him to?


Program Advisory

As a heads-up to listeners, it should be noted that LISTen #49 will be posted on a slight delay. The podcast rarely has to wait out an embargo. In this case we will do so.

LISTen #49 will have in it a special chat with actress and web entrepreneur Felicia Day. This is as announced verbally at the close of LISTen #48. You did listen to that shorter than usual episode, right?

As such, LISTen #49 will be posted at 0800 UTC on November 24th. You can find what that means in your own local time by visiting this link.

A special feature may post at the normal audio posting time. This remains tentative as some factors remain in play.

Holographic News

In a first for the television industry, CNN used a holographic image of a journalist in their election night coverage.

By positioning Jessical Yellin within a ring of high definition cameras, they were able to simultaneously shoot her body from different angles and beam that information into the CNN studios. At that point, other cameras took over and replicated her image and audio in real time.

And she even has that sort of sheen around her you'd expect holograms to have. After all, Star Wars told us they'd be shiny.

The possibilites for such technology are wide open, but think of this. I need to see an object in a museum or library in New York, but I'm in Arizona. So they put that object within a similar set up and beam the information over. Now that's a new and interesting kind of interlibrary loan.

A Library Game Show

A Japanese game show will soon appear in six European countries. In “Silent Library,” teams perform pranks and punishments on each other while trying to remain as quiet as possible. This new entertainment opportunity will soon be available in Spain, France, Romania, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Librarian has date with Mastermind

A FACT fan from Hornsey will sit on BBC Mastermind's famous black chair this week.

Bart Smith, 58, a reference librarian at the British Library, will appear on Friday's show to field questions from host John Humphrys on his specialist subject, the Spanish Civil War 1936-39.


A Librarian on Jeopardy

Wells (ME) Assistant Librarian Cindy Schilling had her fifteen (twenty-two?) minutes of fame as a contestant on Jeopardy last Friday.

Details on her exciting, but regrettably not victorious experience from Seacoastonline.



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