Is it Filtering or Censorship?

An article in The Florida Times-Union discusses the issue of filtering and how it isn\'t related to censorship. According to the article, \"If Internet filters are censorship, then so is the failure of libraries to stock the shelves in the children\'s section with Hustler and Playboy.\" More


Michael Moore\'s Uncensored Book Release Planned.

Presuming all goes as planned, folks holding their breath for Moore\'s Stupid
book can exhale February 19th.  Michael

\"Word began to leak out about Stupid White Men being \"banned.\"
Articles appeared in Publishers Weekly and Salon.com.
I was trying to remain quiet about [the] whole affair, but once a number
of reporters found out (not from me), and a group of librarians organized
a letter-writing campaign, HarperCollins [owned by Murdoch\'s
after weighing all their options (and the potential reaction to those options),
decided finally to release the book AS IS -- unchanged and uncensored,
on Tuesday, February 19th.\"

Earlier articles about
Moore picked up by LISNews.

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Schools Remove Donated Korans

Michael Nellis writes \"In what appears to be a reprise of the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica issue, some 300 copies of the Koran, donated to schools by an Islamic foundation, have been pulled from the library shelves. This 1934 translation includes some footnotes explaining portions of the text, in which the Jewish faith is criticized. This edition is being called anti-semitic.

From the little information I\'ve been able to glean from the article, the reaction might not be censorship, but it sure skirts the edge.

Full LATimes Story \"

From the article:

\"It\'s not an issue of whether the Koran should be available in the library,\" Konantz said. \"It\'s like any other research volume. But these interpretations are certainly in question.\"


El Bandito redux

Someone passed on this one.Phallus thief says he is a patriot.
The fellow that removed a string of 21 ceramic penises from the Boulder Public Library\'s art museum in November says was acting in a patriotic manner.

People with a higher degree of sanity, however, disagree and have charged Rowan, 49, with second-degree criminal trespassing.

He showed up in court wearing a sweatshirt that said \"Love Our Flag or Leave Our Country\", saying he took the art because it was obscene and inappropriate for visitors, especially children.

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...to the tune of \"El Paso\"
by Marty Robbins, 1959



Parent drops challenge to library book

The Bozeman, MT School District has canceled a hearing on whether to remove the library book \"Nathan\'s Run\" from the shelves of Chief Joseph Middle School over its violence and profanity. The mother who raised objections said Friday she wouldn\'t appear to challenge it.

Patricia Ladue, the mother who filed the challenge in December, couldn\'t be reached for comment. Her husband, Richard Ladue, said, \"We have nothing to say. This author has gotten enough free publicity.\" He then hung up.

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Oscar Wilde, Censorship and the Moral Art of Living

stuart yeates writes \"
The Philosophers\' Magazine is carrying a story Oscar Wilde, Censorship and the Moral Art of Living which presents an overview of Oscar Wilde\'s trouble with, and philosophy towards, censorship.\"

They say in short, the problem of how and when to legislate for public morality remains as pertinent as it was in Wilde\'s time, and his arguments against censorship highlight for us the relationship between artist and public that is the central concern in censorship debates.


Resolution Reaffirming the Principles of Intellectual Freedom

Jim Kuhn writes \"Adopted by unanimous consent by the ALA Council, January 23, 2002:

\"Resolution Reaffirming the Principles of Intellectual Freedom in the Aftermath of Terrorist Attacks\"

Resolution Site \"


Challenged book to remain in children\'s library

Shaleen Culbert writes \"In a rather amazing turn of events, the Hudson Public Library board, on a vote of 4-3, decided to allow \"It\'s So Amazing\" by Robie Harris remain in the children\'s library. Having agreed to remove \"It\'s Perfectly Normal\" from the children\'s library in a previous action,it was assumed by those issuing the challenge that \"It\'s So Amazing\" would suffer the same fate. Score one for the right to read!

Full Story \"


Attacks cause feds to yank open records

Showmenews has This One about the US federal government’s decision to remove \"public\" information from the public domain.

\"We don’t do this lightly,\" Swindells said. \"The program is specifically designed to provide public access to these materials. Pulling something runs against the grain of the system.\"


Sex Ed Book Challenged

Shaleen Culbert writes \"Patron objects to a second children\'s sex education book at Hudson Public Library in Hudson, Wisconsin. The board previous moved another book by the same author(It\'s Perfectly Normal) out of the children\'s library and into the young adult section and purchased an additional copy for the adult section. Read all about it online at the Hudson Star Observer\'s site. The board meets January 14, 2002. This should be interesting.



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