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In \"Preparing for Your Next Job Interview\", Marie Wallace interviews Laurie Boon, an experienced recruiter/staffing manager, about how to make the most of your next job interview. It\'s in the October 1, 2002 issue of LLRX.com.

Contributed by Sabrina Pacifici

Library manager complains of racism

The Clarion-Ledger Says Charlotte Moman, a regional manager in the Jackson-Hinds Library System, his filed a complaint alleging she is being denied an opportunity to apply for the system\'s top job because of her skin color.

\"We challenge this system either to get off its racist path or that the Jackson City Council and the Hinds County Board of Supervisors need to do something about this board,\" Lumumba said. \"They have given no good answer as to why they changed the criteria.\"

Library accused of using clerks as librarians

2 SomeOnes passed along A Story From FL that says a library is being accused of using clerks as librarians. The library director responds that \"the system has fewer nonmanagerial librarians than it did three years ago because patrons\' needs are changing, particularly with growing emphasis on technology. \"It doesn\'t take a librarian to show someone how to use the Internet. What matters is service -- whoever provides it,\" said Hodel, who became director in January. \"The world is changing. The library must change.\"
See Also another story.

Shelve sexy garb - Librarians told to dress by the book

SomeOne writes \"The fashion police are cracking down on - of all people - librarians in Queens. Queens Borough Public Library officials have laid down the law: Employees can no longer wear miniskirts, sandals, blue denim, T-shirts - or even fleece - to work.

Full Story from the New York Daily News .\"

Exposed tattoos and visible piercings are also
no-nos, from the reference desk to he checkout
desk, and all the aisles in-between.

Library staff\'s creativity finds a way to open branch on Mondays

TribNet is reporting the library staff at Tacoma\'s tiny Kobetich Library were able to open the library on Monday for the first time in years, thanks to a combination of means: volunteering to alter a contract agreement so they could make changes in their own schedules; taking advantage of changes at the Swan Creek Library; and using some end-of-year money left in the library budget.

\"All we know is that if we\'re afraid to do things because of coming budget cuts, then we\'ll always be afraid to do things, because there always seem to be budget cuts coming.\"

Australian employment figures

Aaron Tunn writes \"The following links may be of interest to those wanting to check out where \'libraryland\' employment rates...by numbers, salary, gender etc...


Archivists/Intelligence professionals

Library Technicians

Library Assistants

They say average pay is $810 a week, before taxes.

Library employee arrested

This One says the public relations director of the York County Library was arrested Friday, accused of taking donated library books and selling them on the Internet for her own gain.

Her supervisor, however, says he believes the employee paid the library for the books before selling them.
Police learned of the sales when a citizen complained that items on the Internet matched items that were donated to the library, Kitts said.

Nation story on librarian salaries

Steve Fesenmaier writes \"
If your library subscribes to the print version of THE NATION, you can read the article on librarians\' salaries. Thanks to Yvonne Farley, member of ALA Pay Equity Taskforce, for telling me about it.

From the August 5, 2002 issue

Librarians Under Siege, by
Laura Flanders

TheNation.com \"

Update:From Steve:\"Mistake.....the nation article is NOT on library salaries....please change to LIBRARIANS UNDER SIEGE...sorry...my source was incorrect!\"
Read The Full Story.

Libraries need new recruits

Yet Another Story that says more than 30,000 of the roughly 125,000 school, public and college librarians in the country -- about one-fourth of the total -- are expected to reach retirement age by 2009.

Here\'s how the average salaries for librarians stack up against other professions in Michigan:
Dentists: $121,170
Lawyers: $85,080
Financial managers: $80,660
Physical therapists: $59,460
Computer programmers: $55,340
Accountants and auditors: $51,320
High school teachers: $44,890
Librarians: $44,880
Legislators: $37,420
Photographers: $29,030

Hire librarians to upgrade intelligence network

This OP-ED Piece says librarians come to the rescue in any sort of information crisis, whether that involves mountains of facts or scraps that are barely clues. Avid readers with meticulous indexing and organizing skills offer potential for uncovering terrorist plots on domestic soil — and no one fits that career profile better than librarians.


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