Must Read Stories

Must Read Stories

Gov't officials are "obsessed with control" of the media

Submitted by Amke on Tue, 05/17/2005 - 03:32

Kathleen writes "Bill Moyers denounced the right wing and top officials at the White House, saying they are trying to silence their critics by controlling the news media.
Over 2,000 people converged in St. Louis Missouri this weekend for the second-ever National Conference on Media Reform. Few issues were discussed as much as the future of public broadcasting in this country.

Condom Machines May Come To Public Libraries

Submitted by Amke on Fri, 05/13/2005 - 17:39

Terrence Bosky writes to share a story from KOLD in Arizona,

"Condom Machines May Come To Public Libraries
By Kaushal Patel, KOLD News 13

It's just an idea for now, but condom machines may be placed in local public libraries."

An interesting quote from the article is encouraging considering that they assume teens are hanging out in libraries:

Book-burning event in Scotland ignites controversy

Submitted by rochelle on Sun, 05/01/2005 - 16:21

Kathleen writes "The public bonfire of old and unread books in Scotland’s national book town,Wigtown, will be a vast funeral pyre of books to be lit today, marking the Celtic festival of Beltane.
The event, billed as the Beltane Book Burning, is the idea of Shaun Bythell, who owns The Bookshop

Lots for bibliophiles at library group gathering

Submitted by Tania on Sat, 02/28/2004 - 12:28

Admit it, hard-core book fans: You wouldn't mind buying a special library-grade "book return bin" for your own home or driveway.

They are on display at the packed exhibit hall of the Public Library Association conference at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center, along with other library-centric books and equipment. Read more about this here .

Borrow books on the train!

Submitted by Tania on Fri, 02/27/2004 - 08:28

In an exciting new initiative, Frankston Library Service, in Victoria, Australia, launched Frankston Library Express on 17 February at the Frankston Railway Station.

Frankston Library Express offers a fast lending service of popular paper back titles on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, between 6:30am and 8:30am, at the Frankston Railway Station.

In Victoria's first lending service to commuters, travellers on the Frankston line will be able to select from 300 books including romances, suspense/thrillers, crime, mysteries, classic fiction and general interest non-fiction.

You Did Get Through To Him [ Sony Barari ]

Submitted by Blake on Mon, 03/11/2002 - 09:25

The author of Library science degree: file that under ‘stupid’ has written this in reponse to the harassment (my words not his Sony Barari that is) he\'s had to deal with since his story broke.

Sony Barari writes:
Sometimes negative attention forces you to stop and wonder: what exactly are we doing as comedians and satirists? While the bulk of satire may seem relatively superficial and too often topical to provide any real and lasting value from an intellectual standpoint, it does serve as a magnifying glass for that brief moment in which it is read, intensifying the reader’s scrutiny upon the subject at hand. Like any other mode of expression, however, it cannot function at all without attention. In this way it may be like a gross New York Post tabloid, but the objectives cannot be systematically simplified and subsequently relegated to some recess of literary darkness.

His story continues below...

Online Journalist\'s Legal Protections Increased Substantially.

Submitted by Hermit on Wed, 01/02/2002 - 08:14

Tom Regan over at reports that online
journalist\'s legal protections have increased
: \"in a court decision
that was largely overlooked by the mainstream media, a New York Supreme
Court judge [Paula Omansky] has issued a ruling in a libel case
that extends the same speech protections to online journalists that their
print, radio, and TV colleagues have enjoyed since the famous Sullivan
v. New York Times decision of 1964.\"
The defendant--editor, publisher, and journalist for
reported that a president of a Mexican bank (the bank, Banamex, was bought
by Citigroup during the trial) was connected with drug traffickers. 
After Banamex had lost (repeatedly) their claim of libel in Mexican courts
they moved their complaint to a New York, USA court.  Tom Regan reports
that the judge\'s decision is the first time that the protections provided
by the Sullivan
v. New York Times
decision have been extended to online journalists., who helped the defendant with an Amicus
Curiae Brief
, has a copy of the court\'s
.  See also the EFF
press release
, and the EFF
about the case, as well as an extensive list of articles
about the case
compiled at
Banamex may appeal the decision.

-Hermit ;-)

The Invisible Web

Submitted by Ieleen on Fri, 11/16/2001 - 12:59

This one comes by way of LLRX. It\'s a book review by Donna Cavallini, Manager of Competitive Knowledge with the law firm of Kilpatrick Stockton. She discusses in her review, a book entitled \"The Invisible Web: Uncovering Information Sources Search Engines Can’t See.\" by Chris Sherman (search engine watch) and Gary Price (virtual acquisition shelf & news desk). The book talks about the vast amount of information on the web that can\'t be retrieved via search engine spiders, for various reasons, ranging from business matters to technological ones.