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Clinton papers off to library

Charles Davis writes " The final leg of a journey for hundreds of tons of documents from the Clinton presidency will be the shortest -- a mile across downtown Little Rock from a former automobile dealership where they've been stored for nearly four years, to their permanent home.

Beginning Tuesday, more than 200 truckloads of Bill Clinton's presidential records and materials will make the trip to their archival home, the Clinton Presidential Library on the east side of the downtown area.
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Bill Clinton to Release Some Papers Early

Anonymous Patron writes "AP Reports Former President Clinton will release thousands of domestic-policy records from his presidency nearly a year sooner than the law requires.

Clinton will make 100,000 such documents available to scholars and researchers Nov. 18, the day his presidential library opens, said Skip Rutherford, president of Clinton's nonprofit foundation."

Texas A&M Hopes to House Bush II Presidential Library

Officials at Texas A&M are hoping that President Bush will follow in his father's footsteps and have his presidential library housed at the prestigious university. While numerous institutions in Texas are hoping he'll pick them, Texs A&M says that "housing two presidential libraries would set them apart from any other university. So far, though, there's no indication they'll be [the chosen one] and some feel that since they already have one presidential library, they aren't likely to get another one. Read More.

Hundreds Flock to Reagan Library for July 4th Exhibit

"...Carrying cameras and flags, some in the crowd dressed in red, white and blue for the Fourth of July opening of "Mourning in America."
The hilltop library where the nation's 40th president is buried has seen four times its average number of visitors since it reopened June 14. Reagan died June 5 after battling Alzheimer's disease for a decade. The new exhibit, on display through Nov. 11, draws upon the public outpouring of sympathy for the Reagan family and the elaborate funeral events held in Southern California and Washington, D.C." Read More.

Clinton Archives to Begin Moving to Presidential Library

Beginning next week, over 600 hundred tons of archive material from the Clinton presidency will make their journey to his presidential library in Little Rock. "Included are 80 million pages of records, 70,000 museum objects, and 2 million photographs. The move should be finished late in July." Read More.

Reagan Library visits quadruple since burial

An Anonymous Patron writes "Probably no suprise, Associated Press Reports steady stream of admirers is making a pilgrimage to the grave site of President Reagan, who died June 5 after battling Alzheimer's disease for a decade.

Visitors to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library have quadrupled since June 14, when the hilltop shrine reopened, library spokeswoman Melissa Giller said."

Only 10% of Reagan Library content publicly available

ffirehorse writes "An interesting article from today's Los Angeles Times notes that only 10% of the Reagan Library's total content is currently publicly available. The figure of available material may not rise all that significantly given the current president's 2001 executive order that "bars archivists from releasing any former president's records without the approval of the sitting president and the former president, or a representative."

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Who Should Pay for Presidential Posterity?

The NYTimes Looks At taxpayers' costs of maintaining presidential libraries.
A 1986 law, supported by Mr. Reagan, required the private foundations that built future libraries to set up endowments to defray the costs of upkeep.

But the law has done little to ease taxpayers' burden.
The reasons for the shortfalls are partly financial (interest rates are low), partly political (the law didn't require large enough endowments) and partly architectural (libraries are getting grander).

The Reagan Library at a Glance

comes by way of the Associated Press via the San Francisco Gate. It takes a look at the Reagan Presidential Library. "The four-story Spanish Mission style building is paid entirely by private donations. It consists of a museum, a gift shop, and two levels holding presidential documents and artifacts. It also houses offices for the nonprofit Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, which sustains the library and museum. The Reagan Library is the largest of all the presidential libraries, with archival holdings of nearly 55 million pages of government records, over 1.5 million photographs and approximately 769,500 feet of motion picture film." Read More.

Optimism about Economic Impact of Clinton Library

The Blue Dress sends"this article from about how it's estimated that the William J. Clinton Presidential Library will likely have a very positive economic impact on the area.

Even low-ball figures estimating the potential economic impact of visitors at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library are promising, according to a study released Wednesday by the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Institute for Economic Advancement.



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