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Books relating to the 50 State Quarters Program

Bibliofuture has assembled a neat page for coin collectors. Books relating to the 50 State Quarters Program is a list of quarters in the order they were released by the Mint. The Mint released the coins according to the year the State entered the Union.


Handy resources add to smart Money approach

If you're like me, you're probably looking for ways to stretch that pay check. The Chicago Tribune has a great list of books, magazines, and web sites full of ideas, advice and inspiration to help us be smart about spending money.Good stuff, someone needs to make a list like this for libraries.


FirstGov Libraries Page

Here's a useful link submitted by Daniel: "Firstgov reference site on libraries."


The true history of the worm in the bottle

Today being Cinco De Mayo, it is very important for all reference librarians to know the true story behind the "worm in the Tequila" myth, so when you're doing shots behind the desk a curious patron stops by looking for help on the history of Mexican beverages, you can explain why there's no worm in his Tequila, and offer a shot of book on Mezcal instead.
The true history of the worm in the bottle.

"In 25 years we have never met a palenquero who has offered a sip of his mezcal with: a Worm, a Lime or Salt. In our experience the only use of the worm besides a marketing gimmick is to mask the chemical taste of poorly produced mezcal."


Get better at searching PubMed

Anonymous Patron writes "Check out NLM® Training Manuals and Resources: This page includes links to the training resources used in conjunction with the classes offered by the National Training Center and Clearinghouse (NTCC).

The PubMed® Tutorial offers a just-in-time training alternative. The PubMed Tutorial is a Web-based interactive tutorial that enables anyone using a computer with Internet access to learn about PubMed. The tutorial can be reached directly from the PubMed sidebar by clicking "Tutorial." Other distance education resources for NLM products may also be of interest."


What you can do to promote open access

Peter Suber's What you can do to promote open access is long list of ways to help the cause of open access (OA). Organized for Universities, Journals and publishers, Citizens and others, the guide covers just about everything you can do to promote open access.


Copyright on the Internet

Anonymous Patron writes "Thomas G. Field, Jr., Professor of Law, has put together a good page that covers Copyright on the Internet. This discussion addresses U.S. copyright issues of concern to those who post to or own email lists or host web pages. It also deals with situations where someone might want to forward or archive another's email posting or to copy material from another's web page."


Google Scholar vs Native Search

Anonymous Patron writes "!!side-by-side2 - Google Scholar vs Native Search: This PolySearch engine shows side by side what results are retrieved by the special Google Scholar search engine versus the native search software from the archives of some publishers which let in the crawlers of Google Scholar as a special privilege for binge crawling."


Canada's one-stop-shopping for public libraries

Daniel writes "collectionscanada.ca, The Canadian Library Gateway provides a centralized window to Canadian libraries of all types and sizes. Through this site you can find information on and link to:
    -Canadian library catalogues and Websites
    -directory of Canadian interlibrary loan and charging policies
    -directory of special collections held in Canadian libraries
    -other resources of interest "Why don't we have something like this?"


International Bibliography of the History of the Printed Book and Libraries

Book History Online: International Bibliography of the History of the Printed Book and Libraries. From National Library of the Netherlands, an extensive, searchable bibliography.

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