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A blue social bookmark and publication sharing system

"BibSonomy is run by the Knowledge & Data Engineering Group of the University of Kassel, Germany. This system is intended to support everyone, but in particular researchers, in sharing bookmarks and bibliographies. One main reason is that we have to deal with bibliographic data all the time, needed a more coherent way to manage our bibtex data. Another - even more important - reason for setting up BibSonomy is that social resource sharing systems are very popular nowadays, but do still lack theoretical foundations. Our aim is to tackle the research challenges that arise around systems like BibSonomy, and to provide more sophisticated support for tasks like browsing, searching, ranking, and community discovery."

Games in Libraries Podcast

This is a monthly podcast with some of the movers and shakers exploring games in libraries. You can tune into the podcast via iTunes, an RSS feed, or E-mail notification at Games in Libraries . Also visit the Library Game Lab of Syracuse for publications and information.


SSA's Popular Baby Names Site

The Social Security Administration hosts a website that lists popular baby names by year. You can also search for your name, or look at names by state, or decade. I discovered this site thanks to Gov Gab, a government blog.

A Tool for Historical London

The Map of Early Modern London is a good resource from Dr. Janelle Jenstad at the University of Victoria. You can look at London through the eyes of Shakespeare through use of quotes, and there is a good listing of sources.


Tattoos from Books, Poetry, Music and Other Artistic Sources

Thinking about having your love of literature or a particular author's work tattooed somewhere on your bod? Check this out for inspiration...


Literature-Map - the tourist map of literature

A Very Defiant Duckling Named Ender pointed me to Literature-Map - the tourist map of literature. "Looking to find similar authors? Type in the name of your favorite author and see it create a map of similar writers! "

Literary Ink Jobs

I don't know everything about librarians, but I do know that some of them are into tattoos. And by "into tattoos" I mean that they have ink work that would make Henry Rollins pause for admiration.

I can't get a tattoo (long story, it has to to with genetic bleeding problems and original sin) but if I could, I'd probably get something like those pictured in this gallery of literary tattoos. Though I wouldn't get the Vonnegut quote from Slaughterhouse Five. I'd be more inclined to get "Hi Ho" from Slapstick.

I'd like to get a tattoo over my whole body of me, but taller. ~Stephen Wright

What's Doin' Over At - The Librarian's News Wire

It's been a while since I pointed to - The Librarian's News Wire. You can grab the main LISWire RSS Feed Here. You can subscribe to one of our mailing lists and check out all the other feed options Right Here.

Here are the latest releases posted. If you spot anything interesting in your travels, let us know!

Registration fee waived for librarians attending Atlanta Book Show

Code4Lib Journal, Issue 3 published

LexisNexis® Introduces New Content, Functionality to Intellectual Property Solutions

Houston Public Library Goes Live with Evergreen

Free Travel Writing Contest Sponsored by Smart Poodle Publishing

The Survey of Academic Libraries, 2008-09 Edition is out Now

Elsevier Foundation Seeks Grant Proposals for Innovative Libraries and New Scholars

U of C funds Open Access Authors Fund

Publishers Implement New Tracking Service for Authors

Marshall Public Library Selects Evergreen and Equinox

IMLS Laura Bush 21st Century Library Program Funding Announcement for 2008
--- Release posted by Blake on June 22nd 2008 08:28

Chilling Tales of the Great White North

FictionDB Opens Its Site to Book Lovers Everywhere

Think Big: LibGig new professional networking website

Library Associates Companies has put together LibGig ( the new professional networking website dedicated to bringing together everyone who accesses, organizes, creates, manages, produces or distributes information for a living.

The goal is to establish a common, human link within the enormous and multi-faceted information industry through dialogue, interaction and sharing of interesting stories, as well as dynamic and exclusive content that encourages feedback and debate. The site includes LibGig Careers, LibGig Schools and the LibGig Community.

One Hundred Must-Read Books for Men

OK, you're a guy, and you like books...but what are the hundred books that guys who like books must read?

This website, the Art of Manliness provides what they think is the, do you agree? Is there a male consensus on what is a must-read book?



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