Librarians Tell Residents to Turn Off that TV

Some libraries in Rhode Island are telling residents to turn off their televisions for one week as part of \"no time for TV week.\" It\'s not all about books and reading. The program has been going on for several years, and according to a local youth services librarian, \"Living without television for a week will be a challenge, but this is an opportunity for families to become aware of how much time they spend in front of the TV.\" Participating libraries will offer exhibits, suggestions, and other ideas people can do besides spending time in front of the TV. More


What are the Stars Reading?

For about 14-years, a retired librarian has been asking politicians, athletes, authors and actors to name their favorite books. She then compiles a list of the celebrity favorites and releases it just before National Library Week. The hope is that the list will inspire others to pick up a book and read. More


Oprah Winfrey to Discontinue Book Club Feature on Talk Show

Bad News for fans of the Oprah Book club, talk-show hostess Oprah Winfrey is ending Oprah\'s Book Club.

This story calls it a \"significant blow to the book-publishing business\". Apparently people will just stop reading now.

\"It has become harder and harder to find books on a monthly basis that I feel absolutely compelled to share,\" Ms. Winfrey said in a statement. \"I will continue featuring books on the \'Oprah Winfrey Show\' when I feel they merit my heartfelt recommendation.\"


French Best Seller Claims 9/11 Pentagon Attack was US Government Hoax

It had to happen sooner or later. Some French author is claiming that the plane that crashed into the Pentagon never existed and that the whole 9/11 event, at least where Washington is concerned, was a hoax by the US government. He must have just seen that \"Wag the Dog movie.\" As I was sitting here pondering what rock this loser could have crawled out from under, I realized that his book will likely make him very wealthy simply because of the spin. Now all we need is for someone to write a book calling the whole 9/11 event a hoax, or better yet, the twin towers themselves maybe a hoax, or possibly, New York City itself is even a hoax. Guess there\'s one born every day... More


Supreme Court to consider use of books about same-sex parents in classrooms

The great and powerful Bob Cox sent over this One from the land o\' Tim Horton, where a gay teacher\'s fight to have books about same-sex parents approved as \"learning resources\" for kindergarten and Grade 1 students lands in Canada\'s top court in June.
So far, The B.C. Supreme Court quashed the resolution, noting the provincial School Act says \"schools must be conducted on strictly secular and non-sectarian principles.\"
In this case B.C. does not stand for Before Christ, it stands for British Columbia, a small state north of Washington, and not D.C.
If you are from NY or Long Island, this will obviously not matter, since it\'s west of Albany. Right, Steven?


Book on kids’ sexuality causes furor

A book one publisher called “radioactive”, Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children From Sex, is set to be published by the University of Minnesota Press.The book argues that young Americans, though bombarded with sexual images from the mass media, are often deprived of realistic advice about sex.
MSNBC has the story.

“We’ve never seen anything quite this angry,” said the press director, Douglas Armato. “The book isn’t actually out yet. What people are reacting to is not the book itself, but the idea of the book.”


Troubled times spark love book craze Has A Story on the growing appreciation of family and relationships is being reflected in a new craze for books about love in Japan. They say compilations of letters exchanged by couples and family members are selling by the thousand.

``One reader handed out the book to guests on the third anniversary of her husband\'s death,\'\' Ota says. \'\'I guess leaving words of gratitude to a loved one can also be a way of leaving your mark here on Earth.\'\'


Comfy Couches Canned in Canadian Megabookstores

Gerry writes \"Reading today\'s NOW MAGAZINE it seems the honeymoon is over for Heather\'s comfy bookstores (Chapters & Indigo) up north. Might Borders and B&N follow a Canadian trend for once instead of preceding it? This might prompt Torontonians to return to their woefully underfunded libraries (hint to TPL -- lose a few branches, beef up the ones you have, get better hours, let \'em drink coffee!)

Full Story \"


UK Press Mad For Moore

There seems to be an interest in the books of Michael Moore around here, so here\'s two recent stories in UK papers about Stupid White Men...One from the BBCOne from the GuardianAnd, as a bonus, you get a BBC panel\'s discussion of the book.


Panelists reveal which one book they\'d save

The Question: Suppose all the books on Earth were being destroyed and you could help keep literature alive by memorizing one. Which book would you become?

The Answers:
Stephen King\'s The Stand, Kate Chopin\'s early feminist novel, The Awakening, The Wind In The Willows, amoung others.

Me? I\'m not smart enough to memorize an entire book, which book would you choose?



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