10 great places to find a nook and read a book

Submitted by Blake on Sat, 03/08/2008 - 19:51

From Over At The USA Today: It's enough to make librarians kick up their heels: We're nearing the end of Return Borrowed Books Week, we're just past Library Lovers Month, and National Library Week is April 13-19. That's reason aplenty to check in with NPR book commentator Nancy Pearl, author of Book Lust. She shares her list of favorite public libraries with Tim Smight for USA TODAY.

Faked books follow long tradition of literary swindles

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Two much touted books exposed as fakes in recent weeks -- a searing US memoir on life with gangs and drugs and a best-seller-turned-movie on the Holocaust-- have rocked the publishing world but are only the latest in an ignominious literary tradition of bogus tales and trumped-up protagonists.
But "Born with Wolves" and "Love and Consequences" are hardly the only pieces of fact-turned fiction.

Australian Toddlers given free book in literacy bid

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Good News For Some Youngsters In Australia: Victorian toddlers will be given a free book when they turn two in an effort to improve childhood literacy.

The $2.1 million Young Readers' Program, funded by the State Government, will give parents visiting Victoria's maternal and child health centres a book for their toddler. A literacy pack with a rhyme booklet and information on libraries will also be given to parents of four-month-old babies.

Writers compete for "American Idol"-style book glory

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In an "American Idol"-style competition, unveiled 10 finalists on Monday for its "Breakthrough Novel Award" which will be decided by the public.
The winning novel, which will be announced on April 7, will be published by the Penguin Group. Anyone can read the excerpts of the novels, which will be available on, and cast their vote until March 31. The winner will receive a publishing contract, including a $25,000 advance from Penguin.

Stray Questions for: Douglas Coupland: I miss Reference librarians.

Submitted by Blake on Thu, 03/06/2008 - 19:20

The NYTimes Paper Cuts Blog has a funny quote from Douglas Coupland [oops, not Adams]:

Without hesitation the Web is a blessing, but you know what I miss? Reference librarians. I used to live in the reference library but it’s now been over a year since I’ve visited one. They must be doing a lot of sudoku puzzles at their desks these days.

The newest children's book library -- the Internet

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Tamara Straus Notes Mill Valley illustrator Craig Frazier has released a beta version of his children's book site,, that proves the Internet continues to be a treasure trove for information-addicted, computer-enslaved parents (like myself). Lookybook helps parents make informed consumer choices about picture books by allowing users to "click" through illustrated pages and peruse a title in its entirety.

Build Your Library By The Foot: Books As Fashion?

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Strand Book Store Says they should be your first and last stop. They assemble decorator collections in any subject, including art, biography, reference, law, music, theater and classic literature. We've put together libraries for hundreds of clients, including the Plaza hotel, Steven Spielberg, and Polo Ralph Lauren. Working with you, they will custom design a library that is sure to be a perfect match for any home or office space, one that will please the eye and satisfy the mind.