Just writing about nothing in particular

Misadventures in Networking

Where do I begin?

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Thinking inspired by Tom Green

This is very late for me to be writing.
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crap. I forget to post this video here...

forgive the lateness, but the warm feelings are still there. yes, for each and every one of you.
(season's greetings from the holiday rat)

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Donating to support LISten

After some consideration as well as the taking of excellent advice I have set up a mechanism by which funds can be donated to support the the podcast as it makes its way through the second half of the trial season this month. Contributions and gifts are graciously accepted for this endeavor.
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The last weeks of a year and first few weeks of a year are rough. I really find it amusing. Today's edition of IPTV program Cranky Geeks is great. It is not a run-down of current news, though. Mr. Dvorak and Mr. Rupley had two New York Times writers who teach in Stanford's journalism program appear to discuss technology journalism. While topical shows are great such also demonstrates a slow down in news.

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Getting ready to plan out the LISten New Year's Eve special episode

Alrighty. Where do I even begin?

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Write More Matter Less

It's rare that I write random blogger stuff, so one of my resolutions for next year will be to write more. Though I think that was actually a resolution for this year too! But then the more I write, the less it will matter, though now that I think about it, what I write matters little now, so I guess it doesn't matter that it will matter less.
So here's a collection of random bits:

On LISHost:
The domain got hit by a monster joejob yesterday. The resulting bounces numbered in the hundreds of thousands and brought the .org server down, twice. I pulled the MX Record out of DNS. I'm not even sure where all that email ends up now, but at least the server is stable again. Our remote backup company dropped off the face of the earth, along with one of the remote backup copies. Signed up for a new one, hopefully they'll be more reliable. Still have one copy at home. I continue to think of ways to expand LISHost, while simultaneously thinking of ways to do less work. The 2 are mutually exclusive I think. I still really enjoy LISHost and the interesting stuff I learn.

On LISNews

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