Sad Harlem Shake Story

Sad story from Huffington Post of the librarian who shook herself out of a job.



Students and politicians alike are calling for an Oxford University librarian to be reinstated after she was fired for the filming of a Harlem Shake video in one of the school's libraries.

Though the librarian, Calypso Nash, did not actually take part in the making of the video, she allegedly lost her job because the filming took place on her watch, the Independent reports.



I think verification of this story is needed. Calypso Nash is not the Librarian of the College (or even a librarian) but apparently a graduate invigilator. Which may change the story slightly.

We'll get our crack team of editors on that stat.

The Daily Mail refers to the 23 year old as a librarian:

The Telegraph also refers to this person as a librarian:

It appears both are using the definition of librarian as being someone who works at a library rather than anything more special such as someone bearing special training or another thing to differentiate them. I had to look up invigilator in this case as this is a US-based site and understand such to be a term for a proctor. Unfortunately neither UK-based newspaper identifies the person as such or even hints that that person even works in that way. Ms. Nash is only identified as a librarian by both major UK newspapers.

So, cross-check against Huffington Post completed.

The article linked identifies her as a student. She is not a qualified librarian, but a student working in the library.

And it is stupid anyway as you could do a Harlem shake whilst making no noise whatsoever so she might have not seen anything going on atall.

The reason the students got fined (as they should have done), is that it was at night so they would have all been logged into the library out of hours with their access cards.

A few facts are revealed here:

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