NewBreed Librarian


NewBreed Librarian is a bimonthly publication intended to foster a sense of community for those new to librarianship, whether in school or just out. Every two months, you\'ll find a feature article and an interview with someone – not necessarily a librarian – contributing to the work that we do. You\'ll find Susu, advice goddess, in our Columns section, as well as TechTalk and letters from our readers. NewBreed will highlight progressive librarians and other information professionals in our People section, and we\'re always open to your nominations. As NewBreed matures, we hope to develop a searchable database in our Jobs category and include samples of grad school admission essays, resumes, cover letters, etc. in Xtras. Most importantly, NewBreed aims to use the web to build community and foster collaboration among librarians. We\'re molding the Networks section with this objective in mind.