Macmillan Afraid Anyone With A Library Card "never have to buy a book again"

Worries about the effect of libraries on the book trade are not new. But digital devices, which allow books to reach readers with ease and speed, intensify them. As Brian Napack, president of Macmillan, a big publisher, put it in 2011, the fear is that someone who gets a library card will “never have to buy a book again”.


But the point is really would those people have ever bought a book anyway?
It's like the movie industry or the music industry hating pirating. Would those people have really bought the complete Rolling Stones collection? Or would they have gone out and bought the Amazing Spiderman on blu-ray?
Apart from a few things people devour what is free but they'd not have ever touched them if they'd had to pay for them.

Not saying that means piracy is ok, but the assumption that every library book borrowed (or indeed dvd borrowed) or every cd/movie pirated is a lost sale simply isn't accurate.

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