Libraries Have Had Their Day

Horrible Histories author Terry Deary has said libraries have had their day. Deary referred to libraries as being a Victorian idea that does not fit in contemporary times.

(h/t Public Libraries News)


Terry Dreary does not understand the nature of libraries if he or she has already doomed them to some Victorian throwback.

...then libraries probably should have died out during the Edwardian period.

British Libraries have not been unfair to authors or publishers as Dreary alleges. Public Libraries don't get free books. They buy their books, which being collectively owned, they then lend to their members.

Curiously enough, many writers borrow books from libraries and use reference materials in order to carry out research for their own books. Many writers work closely with libraries to promote their own work, and enlarge their own readership, realizing that the relationship is of considerable mutual benefit.

This system of collective ownership of resources, shared use, mutual aid and free access is not at all out-moded or past its sell-by date - as has been shown by the free software movement. Indeed many writers recognise its importance and now use creative commons licensing rather than normal copyright statements in their books.

Far from being bypassed by history Libraries provide a working model that should be adopted throughout society.

Terry Deary is a hack. The man has actually suggested that children should get out of school at 11 and go to work. You don't need a full education, or a library, if you're just going to read the dull crap that authors like him write.

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