Holographic News

In a first for the television industry, CNN used a holographic image of a journalist in their election night coverage.

By positioning Jessical Yellin within a ring of high definition cameras, they were able to simultaneously shoot her body from different angles and beam that information into the CNN studios. At that point, other cameras took over and replicated her image and audio in real time.

And she even has that sort of sheen around her you'd expect holograms to have. After all, Star Wars told us they'd be shiny.

The possibilites for such technology are wide open, but think of this. I need to see an object in a museum or library in New York, but I'm in Arizona. So they put that object within a similar set up and beam the information over. Now that's a new and interesting kind of interlibrary loan.


I didn't see enough to know whether it's really a live projection into real space in the studio or just a camera trick.

If the hologram reaches out to shake hands with the studio reporter and you can see the reporter's hand pass through projected light, then I guess it's a hologram. But I didn't think it was much better than a regular split screen.

That is not a meatspace image, but added post-production/added to the stream. Wolf might as well have been looking at a cardboard cut-out of Jar-Jar Binks. This is Roger Rabbit with journalists. Ho hum