Frequently Asked Questions About Portals

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What is a web portal?

Portals are often the first page your web browser loads when you start up your web browser, Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, etc.

The term \"web portal\" began to be used to describe mega-sites such as Yahoo, Excite, MSN, Netscape Netcenter and AOL because many users used them as a \"starting point\" or \"entry point\" for their web surfing. The term \"search engine\" had become inadequate to describe the breadth of the offerings of these leading Internet destinations, although search and navigation are still pivotal to most people\'s online experience. (AOL is a bit different: it\'s always been an Internet access provider in addition to being a network of proprietary Internet content and services.)

The major consumer web portals are still the most heavily-visited sites on the Internet. Yahoo, AOL and MSN are the giants but the next seven or eight after that are significant as well. All command stock valuations in the billions. AOL Time Warner is worth several hundred billion dollars.

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